Hayward Viper Pool Cleaner



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Hayward Viper Pool Cleaner
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Hayward Viper High Performance Pool Cleaner Model 5500

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Sweet just in time for the 2nd snow of the year…Snowed Saturday ftl


just in time for Memorial Day!


wow… monday funday… very well played… and here’s the comparison shopping links… but don’t worry… woot never loses.


This works AWESOME! Worked all summer! Used it every weekend!


lol it’s fall already…


Will this work in the bath tub?


will it work in a sink? a really, really BIG sink?!


You realize this will replace the mower from 2005 in all the photoshops now?

I think change is good.

Will this work on a Cougar coin-operated pool table, or just the water kind?


In North Idaho you rarely need a pool cleaner. Besides a net takes up less space.


Okay, this is weird. I was thinking WHY, WOOT, WHY?

(whatever the heck that is).

…and then I realized the wisdom that is Woot!

(you want three)


Snow already? What?


What? No chorus from the iCleaner owners?


I have this. It’s the best purchase you could possibly make if you have a pool. With it’s Roomba-like intelligece, it travels through the pool and skims all the bugs, twigs, leaves, algae, etc out througout the day. I used this on my 26’ Diameter round pool and it I only had to Vacuum my pool 3 times this summer. (As opposed to the normal every weekend thing.) I ran this sucker every weekend and it worked perfectly!


ummm . . . is this hot-tub compatible?



For those like me wondering what the heck this is, here’s a movie about it. Added special effects (why?) only make it more entertaining to watch.


It’s basically a Roomba for your pool.


I’m in for 3.Maybe one day I will have a pool…


I have a pool and actually need a pool cleaner so I almost bought this woot, until I saw this line…

Requires 3/4 HP Booster Pump (sold separately)

No thanks then!