Haywood Estate Cabernet Franc (3)

Haywood Estate Sonoma Valley Cabernet Franc 3-Pack
$79.99 $145.00 45% off List Price
2009 Haywood Estate Cabernet Franc, Los Chamizal, Sonoma Valley
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From the Specs tab:
“fermented in stainless steel with about 50% whole berries”

I wondered about this so did some googling and found out that by using whole berries during the early stages of fermentation, the wine ferments more slowly allowing it to retain more of the berry flavors and varietal characteristics. Just thought I’d share…

Woot! (and Haywood) Gods be praised.

I just requested this on the extra a couple days back.

Really a wonderful Franc. Get it.

Next request…Um…New Woot! category. Woot Super-Model! Introductory offer Kate Upton?

Do I ask too much?

Any tasting notes? Cab Franc can stylistically range a huge spectrum.

Is Haywood Estate still doing custom crush down at Deerfield?

Can’t scoop up this woot. Per Wine Searcher, only bronze & silver recognized. Not enough QPR to inspire me. http://www.wine-searcher.com/wine-143428-2009-haywood-estate-los-chamizal-vineyards-cabernet-franc-sonoma-valley-usa

That is a pretty limited criteria by which to buy wines. If that works out for you then keep doing it though.
It is so hard to know how my palate will align with a tasting panel of the Dallas Wine Competition or other obscure events. Some wines are built to do well and stand out at competitions, but aren’t inspiring at the dinner table. The other thing that is hard about the competitions is they are so compartmentalized based on type and price. This wine was evaluated among other higher priced wines (retail $44), but how would it stack up at this lower price ($27)?

Hopefully there are some tasting notes out there that could help folks decide.

i know Peter Haywood, who is an industry pioneer and one of the good guys, is traveling this week. i’ll try to get some other representatives here. you travel past Ravenswood when you head up to see Haywood, maybe 2 miles from Sonoma Square.

I am a big fan of Peter’s wines.
Not over the top, but well worth the investigation.

this is a get.

Agree on the notes, and the panel.
I’m finding more often than not I tend tend to pass on golds and lean to the silver and bronze wines that are more restrained and not so stylistically in-your-face.

I hope you’re successful. Some discussion on the high pH and aging could tip the scales for me.

Just as a data point, Barefoot wines (which many people like, of course) get multiple gold and double gold medals. I haven’t had this wine. However, I’m willing to bet a huge amount of WD’s money that I would enjoy these exponentially more than any gold medal-winning Barefoot wine.

I’m the opposite, I try not to buy any wine thats even entered into a state/ county fair :slight_smile:

I do not have any notes written down. To my memory, there was none of the green taste that some Francs suffer from. It is a more fruit forward style than most. Not terrible dry and no big tannins. Fruit is more bright than dark. Could be over powered by a heavy meal.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Kind of get what you’re saying…but that’s kind of an elitist blanket statement I think. … how about the Sonoma County Harvest Fair…? Some nice wines involved there, including Pedroncelli, who I think some folks here like.

I know tyger personally. I’m sure he’ll respond, but I can tell you, he’s not a wine elitist; he’s an omnivore. :slight_smile:

“omnivore” I like that! Kyle is right i’m not an elitist I buy state fair wines too, I was just trying to sound as outrageous but opposite of nc’s post. :happy:

Got it, yeah that was kind of a bonehead statement…nc that is. I was just yanking around as well, hard to tell out here in cyber land. And I was really paying attention to my Blackhawks and not what I was saying. Darn double OT games, was getting late here. Should have just left out the elitist part. Just like I should have just left out the word bonehead…hehe.