Haywood Estate Winery Mixed (6)

Haywood Estate Winery Mixed 6-Pack
$142.99 $228.00 37% off List Price
2009 Haywood Estate Los Chamizal Primitivo, Sonoma Valley
2010 Los Chamizal Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley
2009 Haywood Estate Cabernet Franc, Los Chamizal, Sonoma Valley
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Is that kick-ass 15.6% AbV correct for the 2010 Los Chamizal Zinfandel?
I thought '10 was a cooler year.

Auto-buy. In for 3.

Care to elaborate?

Maybe some experience with these wines or the Winery?

well…wootbot just took this to a whole different level

Kinda ruins the fun a bit but for those who like to plan it’s probably nice to know when to buy.

For this winery to be considered a favorite it sure is not selling much wine this morning!

still early…but the links Cesare posts don’t seem to have any customer reviews.

The email? We wanted to let you know that we’re selling some favs this week.

I have bought wines from Haywood for about 6 years now. Every wine is top notch. Zins are classic with nice fruit and a little spice. The Primitivo is a little more hearty and more dense in the fruit department. The Franc is my personal favorite. A little sediment and long finish. Again deep dark fruits. I like it while its young and vibrant, but older vintages are aging well and Peter from the winery says it will show well for more than a decade. The Franc sells for above $40 normally so it is a bargain here.

If I could only drink wine from one winery (that I can afford), this would be it.

I’m in. This is an autobuy for me. I always have Haywood in my cellar and enjoy it with dinner.

its a great idea, will this be a weekly thing?

not only a seller but an active woot buyer, I like that.

Well that seals the deal for me…IN!

I like the e-mail, only thing is I now know how much I’ll spend for the week instead of it being a mystery :-).

I appreciate the email myself. I just finished my case of Pedroncelli and was wondering when I could pick up some more.

In regards to Haywood Estates, I bought their Cab Franc last time it was up. I enjoyed the wine, I found it had a strong body and a long finish. Peppery and green veg is what I remember. If I wasn’t broke I’d pick this up.

My initial reaction was surprise and a bit of disappointment that the daily checking wouldn’t be a surprise for me. Then I realized that this let me plan in advance how to budget for everything I want! So while it makes me sad as a sign of old Woot once again fading away, it makes the more practical me happy.

I have mixed emotions about the email. but I think it’s ok this once.

on Haywood. an all time favorite for me. Peter is a master.

i’m double checking this.