Haywood Sonoma Valley Primitivo (4)

Haywood Estate Sonoma Valley Primitivo 4-Pack
$59.99 $148.00 59% off List Price
2009 Primitivo, Los Chamizal Vineyards, Sonoma Valley
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Nice reduction in price for these compared to the previous offer of a mixed six that included two of these.
Given the higher pH, what’s the drinking window on these?

Love Haywood. Carefully crafted. Vineyards just above original Ravenswood location. A thinking mans Zinfandel, imo.

More love for Haywood wines from the 11/14/14 mixed reds offer that included this Primitivo. Comments included a “thumbs up” from RPM.

I think the price reduction is mostly due to the higher price for the Cab Franc in that order. That lists for above $40.

Is there anyway I can get this shipped to Michigan?

Each winery must obtain licenses from each state to be able to ship there. This winery isn’t licensed for Michigan. Sorry.

Maybe you could woot-leg it from someone in Ohio, Indiana or Illinois.

The acid is 0.63, which is pretty solid. Might be another high acid/high pH wine. Any rats for this one?

We bought the mixed red set last time it was offered, and all three are amazing wines. We just drank the last primitivo last month and were hoping more come up soon! Didn’t take any detailed notes on it, but a really good zin. If anyone is on the fence, this is a great one to take a flyer!

Thanks for the thoughts! Anything else from woot you can compare this wine to?

Really enjoyed the Cab Franc from the last offering…haven’t tapped into the Primitivo yet

We aren’t huge zin drinkers, but I remember it being a little more spicy and full than 2012 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection zin and more smooth and integrated than 2012 Pedroncelli Mother Clone. We both considered this wine in a class above those two, and we love both the Ped and SH! With the price where it is on this woot, we are getting a case! All three of the wines from the previous offer were very good wines, Haywood is on our autobuy list now.

Wish I had taken some notes on it… first bottle we drank at a party (and apparently late into it) because it didn’t get removed from CT, saw we had 2 left so grabbed the actual last bottle and didn’t drink too seriously, just enjoyed it. We rearranged the cellar and it was one of the bottles which came up short :frowning:

The last offer, I think Scott Harvey said he keeps Haywood in his personal cellar to pop for him and Jana. That comment alone convinced me to buy it last time.

I have always been able to buy Haywood wine from w00t.Haywood actually called me about a month ago trying to sell me wine.should have bought some,maybe they would have kept up their licence in MI.Bummer.

I like their Zin. This looks interesting and I’m in for one. If I weren’t feeling broke, I’d have done 2.

I try to buy - but the Woot site is not cooperating. It doesn’t want to take my money, telling me that “Your session has expired. Please sign in again by clicking on the Pay with Amazon Button” - but I did!

Maybe this is the wine gods telling me that I spent enough on wine, and should take a break.

Aha! Something to do with Firefox, because I succeeded with IE! I has wine!

Good job trying other ways! That’s what I’d have suggested. :slight_smile:

Try clearing your FF history, that would probs have done the trick for you, too.

Opened a bottle of this late last night, and thought it was very good. This evening I tried it again and the first glass struck me as excellent-- full, nice fruit, intense, even some evident wood aging (was I imagining that?). In subsequent glasses I didn’t pick up any wood, but the intensity was still there. I’ll definitely be up for more Haywood Primitivo if it comes up here again.