HD Over Scenic Blu-Ray Disc Four Pack

I got my parents the Over America disc for Christmas (paid $10 just for it and thought I was getting a deal!) and it’s really well made. I believe it was from 2001 or so, and sometimes the HD shots aren’t quite up to more recent standards, but it’s very good. If anything, it’s much too short and kind of skips over large parts of the country.

I’m going to get this for my dad for Father’s Day, just giving him the other 3; he’s a sucker for HD travel shows.

Some Amazon reviews:



British Columbia


But what’s this “Blue Ray” thing? A friend of Green Lantern?

Nice reviews but no Blu-Ray here. Looks great for the cost. I would readily buy if DVD.

I wonder where, oh where, oh woot.com could I get a Blu-Ray player tonight. :wink:

Anyone know if these will play on my 8-track?

Ireland one alone $15 at AMAZON. And well rated.

Even if you don’t like the films themselves, HD nature clips like these are hard to find and make a great substitute for a black screen if you happen to be having some sort of social shin-digg in your living room where your tube sits.

Just put it on mute and people won’t be forced into otherwise saying “hey, planet earth is on!”

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Might be a nice starter set to go along with the Blu-Ray player they have on the Flagship Woot.

FOUR (4!) Blurays for 15 bucks?

Are these blurays copy protected?

In for a set.

This should be pretty good to play when I am on my exercise bike.

For awhile, I was looking for those scenic cross country bike tour road videos but those are pretty expensive. This should suffice.

These are great. And blu-ray? I’m in.

The Amazon reviews are pretty decent, but those folks paid $10.50 to $15.50 per disc - not $15 for the set of 4.

Nice deal on 4 BDs.

I am in!

Nice deal!

Time for that early xmas shopping

Not the best reviews about its Blu-Ray quality in video or sound… All the movies are presented in Dolby Stereo 2.0 - Definitely NOT Home Theater reference material!




British Columbia:


For some reason the I want one button isn’t working on this or the shirt woot? Anyone else experience the same problem?

Does it really matter if the narration isn’t full stereo? It’s a guys voice… whatever floats yer boat

“Karen! You’re home early! I didn’t expect you to OKAY PLEASE STOP SCREAMING AND LET ME EXPLAIN.”

Epic Header Title FTW

I click over to this sellout page just to read the rest of the description haha

From the looks of the pictures these come in Blu-ray cases but don’t include the artwork for each title.