HD Over Scenic Blu-Ray Disc Four Pack

Didnt I avoid clicking on this offer a few days ago?

Didn’t we see this yesterday?

Oh my god this is horrible

[Throws up in mouth]

is this a joke

You can watch these on your… never mind.

Really WOOT??? Really???

Terrible blu-ray dvds to go with your terrible blu-ray player



For those who just bought the cheap Blu-Ray player now you can buy cheap Blu-Rays to watch on it.

Do these have subtitles?

I’m a troll

Today must be a repeat of yesterdays Woot off items…

Alaska: Not part of America

WOW thats it wow

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus.

What in H.E.Double Toothpicks is this?

where’s the flood frogs??

Please woot give me a universal remote!!!