HD Wireless IP Network Surveillance Camera

Anyone used these or have a view on their quality?

I bought four of these and I have regretted it ever since.

The software crashes 9 out of 10 times used. Anytime your wifi goes down, you have to re-scan your cameras. I have one that didn’t work from day one and Pyle wouldn’t take it back. I love woot and everything on here (years of good buyer experience) but these are the one lemons I wished I had not bought.

I Wooted one of these about 5 months ago for $85. User-unfriendly and clunky setup. Finally got it to work, but if you want to view remotely through a browser, Pyle will point you to a couple of fee-based third-party providers.
Pyle support usually responded quickly, but with usually useless recommendations. The hardware build quality is good, but the software and support are not.