HD Wireless IP Network Surveillance Camera

Same item for the same price, but with free shipping over at Amazon… so, not really feeling the deal here…

See for yourself

Worst cameras and software ever. I bought four of these and these are absolute “Pyles.” Customer service has not fixed my cameras and they have told me to return to woot. Terrible customer service and terrible product.

I have to agree with the above poster. I cannot connect to my camera at all, Pyle’s support has nothing to tell me at all about it and Woot won’t accept returns on this. This product is not worth it.

I also concur. Camera is horrible manufacturing quality and the software appears to have been coded by slow monkeys on acid.

It took several weeks of e-mailing back and forth with “tech support” to even get the device to connect to my wireless network. And even after that, I could only connect to the camera via the Android app maybe 1 time out of 3.