HD-XR 1080p Streaming Media Player

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HD-XR 1080p Streaming Media Player
$44.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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The power of F5 Compels you!

Wish i could keep the models and generations of the roku straight without having to look them up! I think this one is a good deal though.

Oh, fun… we’re starting this woot-off on roku’s

Does Woot! own stock in Roku?

F5’d to this…I am disappoint…

If it where a Roku 2, I’d think about it.


We have to have something to fall back on in case the Dyson market takes a dive.

I never think about one of these until it’s on Woot. Then I wonder “What IS this, and do I NEED it?”. One of these times, I WILL be in for one… just so I can see what it does.

Oh man… I have a bad feeling about the boc coming out again with the server slowing down and all.

Roku’s, roku’s everywhere and not a drop to drink.

The last refurb roku I bought from Woot was a piece of crap. It steals all of the internet signal in my home and knocks netflix off my vizio internet app section on my new tv, even though it is in a different room… I have the fastest internet around too. It’s just a piece of c r a p.

Here is a comparison chart if you haven’t found it already!

I could use something like this to watch Amazon streaming video, but I’m wondering if it’s easy to set up and if it works well.

Does anyone already have this? I know it has been offered here in the past, so I’m hoping someone will post a review.


Seriously, don’t waste your time. Get a roku 2 or PASS ALTOGETHER! Trust me. You are better off saving the money, investing in stock, and in a few years buying a TV with WIFI.

I stopped using this one in favor of a 2XS model to get captions/subtitles. This is a great device if you don’t care about captions/subtitles.

That Bucket of Crawfish will be mine! Just keep F5-ing, just keep F5-ing…

Why am i f5ing the comments page instead of the main page?