HD-XR 1080p Streaming Media Player

I have a roku just because I like to say roku whenever anyone asks what the heck it is.
I have no friends, though, so no one ever comes over to ask what it is.

Cats. Lots of cats.

The refurbs are junk. They are good enough to keep and not return, but not good enough to use often. I highly recommend another alternative. A TV with internet apps is a wise decision.

Strange, I have never had anything like that happen, I own three of these. I’d own four, but I’m now holding out for the Roku 2 line. :slight_smile:

I bought this model for $5 more in the woot plus. It works great and have had no problems at all. It’s one of the most versatile models because it has wifi and ethernet capabilities with 1080p.

My next BOC will be 3 Roku’s and a suicide kit.

started with monkey

I think?

Agreed on that point… Bad monkey!

The less friends you have, the less you will be bothered.

I made the mistake of only buying 2 rokus. My 3 wonderful children fought over them constantly. In for one more.

Yup woot off started with a Monkey


Remember that after you buy your first item today on any site, everything else ships for free until midnight CST to night!

WHAT??? No individual, witty item descriptions for each and every woot? What’s wrong with your writers? Have they gotten fat and lazy?


Hey, Woot, you asked for it… :wink:

I also miss the old style seeing the witty descriptions.

But on another note.
How about a high wheel line trimmer.
I seriously need a good 1 for a excellent price.
Just cracked the motor on mine even though it was 14yrs old lol.

I own 2 of these refurbs, and both work great. I do have to reset the one in the bedroom once in awhile, but overall, they have been flawless. Of course, I spend way too much time watching Amazon Prime videos…

Chill, man. Chill.

I just got the info that the initial count for write-ups needed for this woot-off (consider all the sites) was over 400. Our poor little pool of writers just can’t do that. So we’re going to preserve their wit, charm, and brains for the daily write-ups where they have 24 hours to be enjoyed and criticized.

So don’t be hard on our writers. Let’s be happy that they have a brain left for tomorrow.

Larson how well do you like amazon prime?
I am debating on it.
I have 2 roku 2’s & gave away my older roku like this 1 for sale. LOL

I need to sign up to netflix or something again as crackle is getting old as I seen all the movies already lol

I love mine. I gave up cable TV in Aug. 2010 and use my Roku to get Netflix and Hulu Plus. That saved me a ton of money.

Should’ve started the Woot!-off with the KY package this time to get people “in the mood”.

Well, I’m already in for 2 monkeys, so I thought I’d follow it up with the Roku, but it sounds like the Roku 2 is supposed to be a much better option… although I’m not exactly sure why, because I only read a few reviews.

If the Roku 2 isn’t much better than this thing, I hope someone will post and let me know, so I can save the $50+ difference between the two products.