HDTV Blitz

Which brands are your favorite? Which ones do you stay away from? Share with us!

Holy crap guys, you’re way overcharging for that Xtreme 96303 HDTV Deluxe Cleaning Kit:


Bought one of the refurb tvs from a previous Woot Plus offer. Had terrible luck along with lots and lots and lots and lots of other people. Wound up spending lots of time dealing with it just to send it back and wait a couple weeks to get my money back. Wound up spending 50 bucks more to get a brand new TV that arrived in perfect condition.

I love Woot but I would very strongly advise others to read through the Woot Plus threads of Refurb TV offers to see the long list of issues people have had. Yes Woot responds quickly to get the RMA process going (Of course!) but I’ll still never bother with going through that hassle again.

I’ve owned a 42" Samsung LCD for about 5 years now. I’ve moved houses twice since I got it, and the picture is still as good as the day I got it.

The Sammy would be tempting if I hadn’t bought a 47" LG LED 1.5 years ago…

Am I missing something or is the Samsung being offered here refurb also sold on Amazon brand new for $10 less?

Good find! and with free shipping on Amazon!

Yeah, between this, a comparable cleaning kit offered for substantially less (pointed out by DrunkCat), and the fact that I purchased the 26" Vizio brand new from Wally World nearly two years ago (albeit a killer sale but NOT Black Friday) for $199, I would say there are hardly any deals here?!? I have to agree with others that surely you can do better Woot!

I’m not at all surprised that none have sold out yet.

Sad Face…

Can someone tell me why I shouldn’t buy cheap HDMI cables? because that’s one cheap HDMI cable, and I could use it.

There is no reason not to buy cheap HDMI cables. Despite what sales reps might say (especially at Best Buy where they try to scare you into buying the insanely price Monster brand cables) there is no difference between the performance of hdmi cables.

HDMI Is a digital signal, so “signal quality” isn’t a thing. The signal is either there, or it isn’t. You can spend $20 on gold-plated mega cable with anti-polarity-reversing protection, but there is no evidence that expensive cables produce better pictures than inexpensive ones.

Generally speaking, a cheap HDMI cable is going to give you the same performance as an expensive one.

HOWEVER, sometimes cheap really does mean cheap. As in, loose connectors, or cheap insulation that breaks. I have ordered $.99 cables on daily deal websites, not from woot, that arrived chewed in half. I didn’t even return them, because for a buck, it wasn’t worth the time.

TLDR: Buy this cheap cable. If it breaks, buy another one.

Hey woot! how about some new tv’s, not refurbished… say 65" led??

$10 difference…that’s how monkeys charge for repacking hdtv refurbs.

So if a gal has a $300 budget for a TV, is it work taking a risk on the refurb to get a better set?

Tell the gal to wait. Shoot for a newer model LCD but preferrably an LED. The prices are not too much different. Any refurbs you see can be found for $50 or so more on other sites and would fare you much better. That gal could also wait until after Thanksgiving. TV price trends are slowly dropping and that would be primetime to get one this year.

Thanks for the advice. The gal cannot wait as unfortunately her monstrous ancient tube TV has to be repeatedly kicked to get it to show pictures. And, well…The Good Wife is coming back. I don’t want it to look like a Cloverfield mashup.

The tip on LED helped a lot, though. I think I’ve found a winner. A little smaller, but hey, I sit four feet from the TV anyway.

I bought 10 6" cobra cables from newegg for less than 20 shipped on a weekly ad a few weeks back. Even at 2.99 a piece they are more than worth it. The only main difference that gold will give you over the cheap ones is that it doesn’t corrode as fast. Buy the cheap ones, you will not notice a difference at all.

Like the others said, buy cheap if it breaks buy another cheap one and you’ll still come out spending far less than a monster cable.

I used to work for Ultimate Electronics. I have had cheap and I have had top or the line Monster HDMI cables. There is no difference in signal quality. I have, however, broken the cheap ones and still have my Monster cable. The only difference is build quality. I have decided that I break them so few times that 5 $3 dollar cables is much cheaper than 1 $150 dollar cable.

Has anyone had any experience with the Hisense? Just want to use it for my XBOX 360 and PS3

If you can’t find the Amazon sale, you can always turn to Monoprice - http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10240

6ft long cables starting at $3.50, all the quality you could need, and any length you might want. :slight_smile: