He's Watching You

Perfectly suits the mood of the season this year. Big Santa is watching EVERYTHING you do. Love the blocks of color against the black.

Claus Intelligence Agency

Yeeps! I can’t figure out if that is Cthulhu, or some demented form of Santa cat. Wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley…!

Tin foil stockings mess with his communications, I hear. Congrats on the cool print!

simply brilliant, bravo

In my cart!

I Love this, great job.

reference for shirt:

Looks familiar…


Official Green Team Tee?

National Santa Agency.

I saw him just last night. I told him I was naughty. He gave me candy canes.
Honesty pays!

The original WWII propaganda poster:


I can just hear what he is thinking…PUNISH!

I thought the nose was a little smiling mouth and that made me like this design even more.

Oh, I’m flailing in unbelief due to the seasonal irony. !

Thanks for the nice comments all, and thanks for the print Woot! :slight_smile: