He Knows if You Are Woke



He Knows if You Are Woke


Oh please, just loop “baby it’s cold outside” for the next 19 days.


Joe Maddon?


Can we stop encouraging poor grammar, please?


Get woke, go broke…


i hate when I have to ask my kids what a shirt means!


We need this in other multicultural options!!


Seriously? The only reason I would get this shirt is for target archery… Santa Claus would have nothing to do with the professional “Victims Club”…I am fierce, hear me whine… I take no responsibility for my actions…


In the words of Comic Book guy… “Worst shirt ever”


Uh, guys? I think that the shirt is making fun of the idea that “good” = “woke”, in some people’s views these days.


This was meant to be a play on the lyrics “He knows if you are sleeping, he knows if you’re awake…” from “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. I do not know for sure if Santa is ‘woke’ to an individual’s ‘wokeness’ and uses that to determine his naughty or nice list. Unfortunately, in spite of my repeated requests for clarity he has never let me in on his methods.


the joke
your head


I got the point, and it made me giggle. Too bad about all the angry people inferring nonsense. Good job!


This is a racist shirt against white people. WTF?


I’d say it is more of a silly shirt making fun of hipsters, but what do I know?


If you read the comment from the artist above, you’ll there was no intent to malign anyone.


From a pure logical reading of the artists comments, I only see an admission that the artist does not know if Santa uses “wokeness” to determine naughty or nice. I do not see any denial of inferring Santa uses “woke” to determine naughty or nice. I myself have no idea what the artist has is their heart, but in my view their comments neither confirm or deny intent.


Or watch Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.


it’s because YOU’RE the hipster


Whites can be woke too, you know.