He’ll Probably Be Okay

What does a vegetarian zombie eat?


That guy is screwed if these are the fast zombies…

My husband will be relieved that we’re saving $10 tonight. I am sad.

Reminds me of Some Motivation Required, only with zombies instead of a dinosaur …

Is supposed to be a Walking Dead reference?

The two shirts I wanted printed! Congratz on the print.

LOL I was expecting this one to print. I guess it just sent that other shirt on ahead to distract the horde…

So many shirts are coming from Utah lately… I feel ashamed that I’m not trying to make shirts. Payson, UT deserves to be be on the shirt.woot map too!

Grats, art101!

Always remember Rule 1: Cardio.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been able to reliably buy my husband a shirt he’d actually wear! He’s letting me buy him a shirt! Wait, maybe he’s a zombie now…

Yeah, he’ll probably be okay but will you be able to sleep at night not knowing.

Text ruins another t-shirt relevant to my interests. sigh

If zombies had brains, they’d know their chances were better with the god-awful qwop-ers I suppose are humans.

There is an ad just a bit below the “I want one button” that stays there and covers part of the close up of the design. It has an “i” for click here to see why you are getting this ad" but that opens a blank window, and there is no obvious way to shut the ad. Is it just me? I could block all ads but I wouldn’t mind as long as they were close-able.

OK it stopped being a problem.

Was this settled over rock, paper, scissors - or just-a-guy turned hero hoping to get the girl - or it was decided at that moment they were going to run north and did think make sure the guy in the back heard what the plan was.

Which is why you should always back brief to ensure everyone knows the plan/mission.

Even if the guy did beat Burgertime on a single quarter (which I seriously question), out-running a pack of blood-thirsty zombies is a lot more daunting than out-maneuvering Mr. Pickle and Mr. Egg.

That’s what he gets for wearing a red shirt.

Reminds me of [url=] Shaun of the Dead trying to evade the Zombies.

Rejoice! Finally a shirt worth buying.

I’m actually going to be in a 5k race at the end of this month where we will be chased by zombies. This is perfect. Thanks and congrats!

that guy/gal got boomed!