HEAD 20 Pack Men's Classic Quarter Socks

Would be in for at least one, if not for 10 black pairs.

Those socks are very comftorabble I have same kind at home.

I ordered these a while back, and I will say they are comfortable. That being said I will not order them again. I hate that each pair are a different color so unless you don’t care that they dont match you have to go through and put them together based on color. Stupid! why not make them all the same color? The other problem is when you pull them on, unless you are careful they will rip just below the ankle leaving a big hole.

ok you say 20 pack, with 10 pair white 10 black, all I am seeing is 5 pair of white and 5 pair of black, so what is it. 20 socks total (10 pair), or 40 socks todal (20 pair. Would really like to know this. It can say what it wants to say, but what you are showing is 10 pair and that’s it.

I assume it will be 2 10-packs equaling 20 pairs of socks… I’ve seen this before.
Great socks!

From the specs:

(20 Pairs) HEAD 46815G_20 20 Pack Men’s Classic Quarter Socks White/Black

Not even a hint of cotton?

Huh? Not sure if the gentle cycle on our machine even works - have never tried it! :wink:

Would be in for at least one, if not for 10 white pairs.

Perhaps we need to cut a deal? :wink:

'Guessing the photo simply shows the range of colors included.

Unless your feet are at the smaller end of the specified size range, I do not recommend these socks. I bought a set in a past Woot, and found them to be ludicrously tight. They were also prone to tearing just in the course of trying to put them on my feet. I wear a size 10-10.5 US, depending on the shoe. They claim that they will fit up to a 12.5, but I cannot fathom that being possible, given my experience with them.

Great for the Dugger family to hang by the chimney with care.

20 Pair’s X 2 (as the requirement for a pair being 2), then I would be expecting 40 socks or else…

The description is correct

Pair = 2

20 Pairs = 20 sets of 2 matching socks

I received the order and gave each of my children a few pairs in their Christmas stocking.
Everyone laughed when I told them the Dugger joke comment.
Everyone here plays tennis and loved the socks…
20 pairs…can’t beat the price. Thanks woot

I got mine today and what a disappointment! I put on a pair and when I pulled the socks up the material became less opaque and I could see my toes.

The reason you get so many is you’ll destroy these quickly and often.

That’s a bummer. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

These socks are pretty thin. Comfort is just okay. I’ve not had any tearing problems, and they’re not too tight for me at all. (I wear a size 10.5 men’s shoe). I probably wouldn’t buy them again, though.