HEAD Moisture-Wicking Socks, 10 Pair

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HEAD Moisture-Wicking Socks, 10 Pair
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 08 to Monday, May 11) + transit
Condition: New


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Drat. I was in for a set until I saw the size limitation; they only fit up to 12.5. Darn (sock pun) my size 14 feet!!

Woot! Oh how I remember when almost everything you sold was a deal. Now they are far and in between.

These socks for example. 50 cents less at blinq.com and FREE shipping.

I so used to love this site…now I meh.

You were shopping on this site way before me and I am getting bored with there “not really any kind of deals”. Meh pretty much the same. Maybe, we have to go shop at the real stores. Ahhhhh, say it’s not true!

I just searched bling.com and these are the only items that came up under HEAD:

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How about next time sending a item-specific link to prove your point?

This site says 13.99 plus free shipping:

Never heard of the site, though.

That is quite a range’ 6-12.5?

It’s because they stretch. But I’m no expert in socks…

That is a way better deal on the other site.

Thanks for the link. I bought it there and checked out via paypal, so no need to provide my info. I also use Ebates which gives me 3% cash back… plus no tax and free shipping. It beats woot by a mile.

I also used to come to woot on a daily basis. But since Amazon took over… I still do to some extend but not with the same enthusiam.

BTW, if you are not using Ebates before you shop, check this out:

Thanks for posting this… That is a great deal… Guess where I just bought some new socks?.. :slight_smile:

I Still visit Woot, but Blinq looks mighty interesting

I agree, a lot less deals now a days. but sometimes you get lucky.

I’m just here for the monkeys in my inbox. =P

That said, WHO in their right mind would EVER even consider dropping $65 on a handful of sport socks…? The original price is completely out of touch with reality.

yes, thanks for posting this! Im in for one! Cmon woot…get your bandoliers of carrots together! sighs

How do they wick away moisture from your head if you wear them on your feet?

And a hearty thank you for the introduction! Google Trusted Store even!

Also on Groupon today and for the next several days at same price, $14.99, with free shipping if you buy two or more. AMZN-Woot can/should offer free shipping for $25+ orders.

I’ve ordered from Tanga a couple times. No complaints yet. I’ve never been overwhelmed by the unbranded (obviously mass produced Chinese) items, but no complaints. All the branded stuff I’ve ordered has been exactly as expected.

I am not seeing current sales at the moment, but some past sales at other sites suggest this is not a great deal for these particular socks. One example: http://slickdeals.net/f/7351952-20-pack-of-head-moisture-wicking-socks-no-show-or-quarter-length-20-free-shipping

Also, the specs here say they include cotton (which would also make it a no deal for me), but I see elsewhere (showing the very same picture) that they are 97% polyester and 3% spandex (see this expired Groupon deal: https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-moisture-wicking-mens-socks-1) Which is it, woot!?