HEAD Moisture-Wicking Socks, 10 Pairs

Oh I know that game. 6-12 means I’ll have either 4 inches of sock hanging off my toes or the heel cup rests at the top of my Achilles tendon. Being a size 6 is hard :frowning:

I love head. These socks are nice too.

awesome! thanks, Woot!

I purchased these sox’s last time they came up. Very cheap quality (fell apart 3rd time I wore them) Advertised as fitting size 12 foot “NO WAY” probably 10 1/2 at best… Would have returned them but return postage would have driven up the price…

Same experience here. I’m 10 1/2 - 11 and these are tight. Wearable, but tight. Since I (or my wife) loses one of every 4 socks that go through the washer, wearing out quickly won’t be a problem :wink:
But I agree - they start to fall apart soon.

Except for that pesky latex rash. ;-}

These socks are horrible! I am an 11 and they do not fit. Circulation to my feet are painfully cut off. The top barely gets past the heel and the bottoms are frayed. The material makes you sweat. They shouldn’t be selling these, they should be burning them.

The socks I received are size 10 to 13, and are way too large. Can I return this crap?

I’m sorry to hear that the ones you got might be sized incorrectly, email into our CS team if you haven’t already- you can reach them using the support tab towards the top of the page.