HEAD Moisture-Wicking Socks, 10 Pairs

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HEAD Moisture-Wicking Socks, 10 Pairs
Price: $14.99
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Condition: New


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Here are comments from a previous sale

As suggested in other/previous threads, these are VERY small for the listed size.

I bought a set of these thru some other discount retailer just a couple weeks ago. I wear a mens size 9.5-10.5 usually.

These barely fit, they’re very tight and I don’t suspect they’ll last long at all because they’re stretched so thin.

They are much more suited to my wife which wears a women’s 6 usually.

I wouldn’t get them unless you’re a mens 8 or less.

I was about to buy some but I don’t see an option to choose a size.

DO NOT BUY THESE SOCKS!!! They are made of very poor quality and fall apart within the first few washes. They will NOT fit anything above size 10 without causing severe pain and possible damage because there is a choke point where the foot bends that does not give. I am an 11 and after 2 hours of wearing them, I was in bad pain for the next 2 days. Shame on Woot for continuing to sell these defect socks. They are actually charging more than the last time when I bought them for 9.99.

I bought these in May. I am a Woman’s size 9 and they fit very nicely. I work outdoors and wear these every day. All 10 pairs are still in great condition.

Anyone without huge feet got an opinion on these for quality? Man’s wide size 8 here, happy to find smaller things.

I we no-show socks, but I mean really no-show (to wear with chucks in the gym to lift) (yes chucks). It’s hard to tell from the picture where these would be on the ankle or shoe…while the comments are not encouraging about the quality.

I wear a 7 3/4 hat size, if I tried to wear these headsocks would I run the risk of strangulation?

Skip this deal. I purchased them in May and they are comfortable (size 10.5) and snug fitting like a good athletic sock. However, they tend to rip when pulling them on at the seam on the ankle. They stiched three pieces together (heal, ankle, and main sock) right below the ankle where you tend to pull them up at. This causes them to rip/separate at the seam. Poor design.

Since Amazon bought woot, prices must be checked. Choxi has better deal.

I doubt they fit far enough over your head to strangle you. Suffocate? Probably not that either.

I bought the woman’s socks a while back and i love them.

Funny, broke out my first pair to wear yesterday from the last sale and am wearing another pair today. I like them. Some caveats…I wear a 9 1/2 shoe and have a standard to narrow width foot. I can definitely see problems with tearing if you have a larger foot and wrestle to get them on. The construction for wicking is an open-weave cloth pattern on the top of the sock, while the rest appears to be average/standard construction. They are low ankle in height, not in shoe. In for two more sets. Unless these socks are different, which I can not detect from the description, they are $5.00 more than what I paid July 30th.

What happened to WOOT I can get these socks on another site for $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping. That is a savings of $2.00. Come on WOOT get with it.

Do you have a link to this “other site”? :slight_smile:

Guess they’re not for me. I wear size 12 shoes and can’t take a chance. Certainly not since the last 2 woots I purchased were clothes that didn’t fit.

Definitely not. I am a size 10-10.5 and bought some last time. I regret the purchase. They are definitely too tight. One pair even tore out the heel when I tried to put them on for the first time.