HEAD Performance Boxer Briefs 6-Pairs

I can’t tell if these boxer briefs have a fly? Doesn’t look like it. Please advise.

No working fly. Sorry.

Are these cotton?

How long is the inseam on these?

Hi there. We’ve added the inseam. Inseam measurements are 4.5 Inches

Which colors are in which packs? I see color packs A, C, and F to select but no labels on the images.

There are captions on the photos. First is A, then C and finally F.

really no fly for a guy

Not having a working fly is sometimes a good thing, especially with this type of underwear. No need to be sorry.

22.99 not a bad price, but add in the $5 shipping… Bad price

About the same price as one pair of Under Armour Boxerjocks

Already got these from Woot once. Inferior because they do NOT retain their shape long. After wearing one day, they are stretched out and nasty looking. Would never consider another purchase of these… EVER!

Hi ElGringolosabetodo, These do not lose there shape and i wear them everyday in addition i use it in the gym too for over a year now, Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

HI These are a great value and these are the lowest you will be finding them around for,


I think I’ll believe a customer before a paid representative.


I have NOTHING to gain from lying about poorly made, easily- stretched-out-of-shape underwear. I would upload a photo of what they look like if I could. Do the math. At less than $4 a pair, what can you expect? If they are such a bargain, why haven’t they sold out fast?
As I indicated originally, NASTY

I ordered two 6-packs of these because I’m a fan of boxer briefs and the fit is “odd.” When I first put a pair on, the way it was tight in certain spots made me think I had put it on backwards. But nope, it’s just an odd fit. I pulled on the elastic around the leg some and heard some fibers snap and it fit a little better, but i don’t have much faith in these holding up. Not planning on opening the 6-pack. Maybe I’ll save them for a birthday gift for someone I’m not a fan of. :slight_smile:

They do NOT have a fly.
It’s a bit of an inconvenience to me but YMMV.