Head Start

There’s going to be an awkward moment once the turtle gets into the lead and has to start attacking himself…

Well, if that’s Red Bull, the rabbit is done for. Wiiiiiings, baby!

That bunny better hope he’s in 2nd, or that’s gonna hurt.

That turtle is so chilaxing there.

I don’t think I’ve ever been even remotely on a blue shell radar in Mario kart games. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t admit to that…

Slow and steady wins the race

he does look so calm + laid back. I like how the details turn the green shirt into a track.

This shirt throws me into a rage. Any of you who have been hit by three of these on a single course will understand what I mean.

Hey, I’m with you there. I’m usually happy if I don’t come in dead last!

I understand the rage, but the trick is to be so far ahead it doesn’t matter or just tail behind 1st before you use your mushroom or some other “ace card” to steal first place at the finish line. ;D

“It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.”

That turtle is straight out of Top Gun. :slight_smile: Grats on the print ace!

Caf-POW! He’s drinking Caf-Pow!

Thanks a ton everyone!

Surprised this didn’t come 1st. :^) Congrats kevlar.

Epic blue shell dodge (NSFW language).

One shell, two shell, red shell, blue shell
Death on swift wings comes for you shell.

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