HEAD Tennis Racquet (2 Models)

“Very Good” reviews (4 out of 5 stars) on the PCT speed racquet over at sierratradingpost.com

In case you need to know how to Restring your racquet

I’ve played with head products for years, they are my go-to for a play time racket.
Similar models have responded with strong, but nimble bodies without sacrificing too much mass.

That being said, they give you something to hold. I’d suggest getting a grip cover–because you will be using this a LOT, and without one your hand may begin to hurt. Eventually, even getting a splinter is possible.

Note: woot! Does not condone human trafficking, and today’s sale is of tennis rackets, not models.

have no ideal which one to get?.
casual player

HEAD was my racquet of choice back when I played tennis in high school. I had one similar to the PCT model, and it work great for me. Nice light frame with just enough weight to get a good swing out of it. Though as someone else noted, it’s a great idea to re-wrap the handle with some extra tape.

“have no ideal which one to get”

Looks like the PCT Speed has added length for extra reach while the TI Instinct Comp is standard length. I’m a casual player, too, and am looking at the TI. Hope this helps.

I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced racquet to play tennis with my wife and this looks like it will work great!

These are decent rackets for the casual player. I won’t be picking one up because I’m using something a bit more upscale. But if I were looking to start into tennis, this would be a heckuva deal.

What’s the grip size?

(So many jokes, so little time…)

Oh, man! I love HEAD!

Yep, someone just HAD to go there.

I was on the purchase page when I did a quick Google. One of the first results was Walmart - $16.86 for the Instinct, though it’s a titantium model, not graphite. (Woot has the Comp, Wally has Supreme.)

Hey Thunder Thighs, since you’re staff, can you tell me the grip size of the rackets?

tcopat would like to know the girth, but i think others may be more interested in the length of the shaft. thanks

Both of these racquets are virtually the same model except for length and cosmetic differences.

They are ONLY good for casual players who want a large racquet face and have a very slow swing speed.

They are very twisty with off-center hits and the frame is not stiff…rather is purposefully designed with a soft feel that adds pop to slow groundstrokes with a soft feel.

Beginners, younger players, recreational players…aka, people who play a few times a year, will enjoy these racquets…anyone playing at a 3.0 NTRP level or higher should avoid them IMO.

BTW, if you don’t know what NTRP means…than you are officially a “Recreational Player” and these racquets are good for you. :slight_smile:

can i give these to my kid (8 years old) if I pick the smallest grip size? I am clueless about racquets. thanks.

Please add more grip sizes, the grip sizes are getting over, i need 4 3/8

are these racquets coming with the covers or not guys?

Sure, but get the std length racquet.

Me, I’ll just stick with my old classic wood framed ones; a Tad Davis Imperial (only one left, the other broke), and a couple Wilson Jack Kramer Autographs, and a Wilson Tensor (alloy). I alway preferred wood over alloy and liked the flex in the Tad’s. Never needed an oversized head.