HEAD Tennis Racquets

Could someone please explain the sizing of these? I can’t find any online explanation of Size 3, Size 2, etc.

I love head!

The sizing is in reference to grip diameter, with 1 being the smallest. The grip sizes referenced under the Specs tab are what you should be looking at if you want to know the measurements in inches.

Interesting, owned plenty of racquets and never saw handle size presented this way before. For those not familiar with the normal sizing of the handle, an average grip is roughly 4 3/8" (size 3) or 4 1/2" (Size 4) for men, 4 1/4 (Size 2) to 4 3/8" (Size 3) for women. A larger man’s hand would take 4 5/8" (Size 5) while a smaller women’s hand or older child would be 4 1/8 (Size 1) or less. Too large a grip can give slightly more control but puts more stress on the wrist and elbow leading to injury. Additional wrapping can add up to an 1/8".

I’ll also mention that of the common racquet manufacturers, I prefer Head first, Prince second and Wilson third. Others may disagree but that’s only because they’re ignorant fools.

I so needed a good laugh. . . Thank You.