HEAD Tennis Shoes - Men's or Women's

You all are so clever, but please review how to punctuate its and it’s correctly. Makes you look less clever.

Review for different iteration of shoe. It may not apply.


How do we know which shoe in the photo is which?

Edit: Nevermind… I got it.

I don’t see any less-clever-looking uses of its and it’s…

When I was a kid, “tennis shoes” was just another name for sneakers, but these shoes are actually for playing tennis. I don’t play tennis (on the other hand, I don’t “sneak” either).

Anyway the point. . .Amazon are selling all three at list price, so this is a deal. . .if you play tennis. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dshoes&field-keywords=Head+motion+tennis+shoes

Only one of the three has a review, the mens speed III team. Here’s the link so you can decide http://www.amazon.com/Speed-Pro-III-Tennis-Copper/dp/B00B1UBM4Q/ref=sr_1_3?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1376734964&sr=1-3&keywords=Head+speed+III

Head is good for your feet


This is a return to the days when you knew the daily deal was a great deal. $29 for this shoe is a great Buy. Will get a couple pair for the courts and one pair that will get grass stained quick.

The review at amazon is pointless as the guy only rated the look - ignore that.

Here some more reviews:

Seems like both shoes are good and at a great discount.

I am getting the speed version as I like the low profile.

Does anyone know if there is a process to exchange these in case they don’t fit right and need a bigger size?

Can someone from woot comment on this?

Thank you in advance!

If the shoes are “defective” in some way, we always recommend that you contact the manufacturer first

In this case, you have a 1 Year HEAD manufacturer’s warranty, and can always contact their customer support to discuss a replacement.

However, we do not do returns for buyer’s remorse. We often sell out of a product and don’t have stock for exchanges. Refunds are for defective merchandise only.

What does ‘1 Year HEAD manufacturer’s warranty’ mean? is this like 6 month guarantee on sole?


Why ignore the review?! How they look is very important to lots of people.

I of course can’t answer for the vendor/HEAD company, however you could make the presumption that the Outsole, Insole and Toe Guard would be covered under the warranty.

If you’d care for a definitive answer, you could try contacting their Customer Service page for further information.