HEAD YouTek Four Star Racquet

I got one of these a while back, works well

Here is a review from Do It Tennis

Another one from tennis express

Here were my great posts from The first time this was on sale

tennis anyone?


I can’t find it for under $100 even unstrung, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough…
Cheapest I see - $119


I hear this Rackets better if you add your own strings but I might just get it with strings and do the string job myself…

I wish someone would give me sting job!

This raquest has a big sweet spot so it’s easier to hit a powerful shot and keep the ball in play.

If you want to turn it into a more versatile raquet string it up tight with some synthetic gut strings, or if you’re really into tennis (unlikely if you’re using this raquet) cross string it with the something more durable or powerful.

Oh, and here is a great link to learn about strings if you’re a noob.

nice racquet, good pop…I love it…

I got this and used it in a tennis practice last week. It’s appropriate for a player with a shorter swing, and it offers noticeable more “bounce” than my L1 Head racquet. I’m not sure if it’s really good for me as a 3.0 player, but I think using it in Singles play might be good as it does give me more power from the baseline. Anyways, if you’re a beginner, it’s not a bad racquet to get.

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This is for a great beginner, 'C-B" player. Restringing to your best tension is a good idea, but probably won’t NEED to for a while, the pop on these strings will be good.
The Ugly…only 119 units sold and no larger grips left. Hope the ladies, kids and small handed folks enjoy. I’d be in for two, but hey…you know

This is a strange racquet and one that hasn’t sold well because of one major reason.

The power in this racquet is clearly very high and made for beginners (2.5 to 3.5 NTRP) but the weighting is really head heavy which makes it hard to get around…especially for beginners who likely aren’t “tennis strong” and used to whipping a head heavy racquet through shots.

So in other words, the power is for beginners, the frame weighting is for an experienced player…thus the problem.

You can adjust the power by stringing it on the high side, but I find that most beginners don’t like the “board” feel you get from a racquet strung that high.

If you are a “stronger” beginning tennis player who has no trouble muscling the head heavy frame through shots, this is a good deal. For all others, I don’t recommend it.

Some additional good news is that most “decent” tennis stores will probably still have it on the shelf and you could demo it today…in general, I never recommend anyone but the most beginnning tennis player buy a racquet without a demo…as touch and feel is so unique to the individual.

Happy Holidays!

I use grip 4 1/2. So in this case what grip size that i should pick? what does it mean S40/size 4??? would you explain?


very tempting, if it has size 2 I would get one…

Does this come with a full racquet Head cover or just a racquet head cover?

Ugh…why is it always oversized racquets on sale…everywhere?