HEAD YouTek Four Star Racquet

Happy New Year

I bought one of these off of WOOT about 4 weeks ago. Trust me, you’ll have to get the racket restrung.

But is the HEAD good for smacking your balls around?

So does this include the case with it?

Nope, no case. Sorry.

For $25 you can HEAD on over to Amazon and get yourself a HeadCase or try this one if you want to put 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag.


First sucker says: Get the S30. You can always use grip tape to build it up if needed.

I bought this racquet about 5 weeks ago and received the case. I also paid $60!

Did you purchase it from Woot?

I bought mine from Woot (for more money) and it came with a case. That is, if you mean a soft padded racquet cover that you put the racquet in to sling over your shoulder.

I also didn’t restring it and it works fine so far, but if you hit with lots of spin and know how tight you want it strung then maybe you’ll want your own strings. I’m only a 3 to 3.5 I guess so YMMV. Nice racquet though.

I bought the racquet in November for 10.00 more and it also came with a case. So far the racquet is great but I wonder if Woot refunds the difference when an item drops in price

Oh. Well, SURPRISE! It comes with a case! :happy:

Good 2013 surprise!

Now…who needs a “case” (aka racket bag)?

I could send you it since I prefer the US Open bag I have with lots of pockets for up to 8 rackets, balls, shoes, strings, tournagrip, etc.

Also got one of these in November, the stringing on mine was just fine. I don’t play every single day though, so as usual YMMV.

Mine did include a decent sling case.

Regarding grip, you can search Google for a variety of ways to check your size (the Head website also has some info). Keep in mind, a grip that is TOO SMALL can cause all sorts of problems and pain. You can usually build up a smaller grip with tape, but generally speaking, a grip that is TOO LARGE doesn’t cause physical pain so much as it is more difficult to manage compared to a proper sized racquet.

So while you can’t really whittle down a larger grip, and you can build up a smaller one, you are better off with a too large grip than a too small grip in general.

Found this for 99 cents cheaper on the Woot plus under “Be a Good Sport” heading… check your own site woot… fail