HEAD YouTek Four-Star Racquet



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$129 on amazon however there are no reviews. Any great tennis players I could leach info from?

[MOD: Note that’s unstrung. Our is prestrung.]


Thanks. I’m still new and need all the advice I can get!


HEAD YouTek Four Star Racquet - S30/Size 3 - Price Comparisons

Today’s Woot = $49.99 + $5 Shipping ($54.99 Total Shipped)
Woot’s Price Today = $43.89 Less than lowest price found below.

ebay = $98.88 + Ships Free

Amazon = $129.95 + Ships Free

TennisPlazza = $120.00 + Ships Free

All pricing and vendors posted here were found using an random Google search. Your own search may find differing and/or lower pricing as well as other vendors.


Ditto on this. I’m looking for two good racquets (for two women in their early thirties, one of whom is a complete beginner, and one who played on a team for years, but over a decade ago). I don’t know anything about racquet shopping or how to know if this is a good racquet for those needs.


This is DEFINITELY NOT a beginners racquet because it’s very head heavy and I wouldn’t recommend it for most women as the head heavy balance makes it tough to get around for serves and groundstrokes.

As I posted last time this frame was on woot, this racquet isn’t selling because the power is for beginners, but the head heavy balance is for advanced players.

The combination of the two makes it an “odd” racquet that doesn’t really appeal to either playing style.