HEAD YouTek IG Elite Tennis Racquet


HEAD YouTek IG Elite Tennis Racquet
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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Condition: New


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All I can find is the Speed Elite


I don’t know the racquet specifically, but I can say that with the specs it’s a ‘tweener’ racquet tending towards a ‘player’s’ racquet. It’s on the lighter side at 10oz., with a medium sized head, but its balance is a bit head light (1/2" = 4pts HL) and it’s only 27" (Beginner’s racquets tend to be longer and head heavy to generate power when the player doesn’t yet generate their own).

A player using this racquet will need to provide some of their own power in their strokes. It’s probably not for someone just starting out, but rather for someone who’s played for a while, can put solid pace on their shots, and is looking to move from their beginner racquet to one that will give them more control and flexibility in their game.

Good post.

For the sake of someone playing the devil’s advocate: A beginner will be able to put the ball over the net with this racquet, and at this price point, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Not that my varsity tennis days are something I “Bundy” about, but if the dimensions are correct, I believe the two sizes offered (2 and 3) are a bit small for the average male. I think size matters in this case.

you can always get a over grip LOL

Does anyone know if this comes prestrung? I am also having a hard time finding this model & color of this racquet. Is this a racquet made for a department store model?