Headphone Funk

Really not sure how I feel about this one. Makes me wonder how we ever got on before iPods.

I’m really digging the color scheme on this one, especially on an asphalt tee.

Those are some vintage Sennheiser cans!

This makes me feel like that should be a lightbulb above her head. Maybe she’s thinking “hey! i’ve got an idea! lets invent earbuds!”

This reminds me of [The Madness of Miss Stereo


Only, I liked Miss Stereo more.

Does the shirt cover up any downstairs mixups?


Aaaahh, damn. I’m a definite Mahfood fan … even got to meet him at Wondercon a couple years back … but I think this design might be a little to feminine for me to get away with wearing. :frowning:

I dig the color scheme, but her philtrum looks like a booger.

Mahfood? fuck it sign me up. Definitely not a girly shirt. Anyone could be wearing this bad boy and I know I will when I finally get it in the mail.

I strongly recommend wearing this shirt when listening to Da Funk.

My first non-storybook cassette tape was UB40. Still one of my favorites.

Very cool shirt design, I love the sort of vintage comic feel. :smiley:

Love the style and trying to remember/find where I’d seen it bought back happy SCUD memories.

but these go to 11.

damn. i own a ton of mock food’s comics and a couple show sketches. awesome drawing but why are they all on ASPHALT?!?!?! im gonna have to sleep on this one too.

i spent the entire day sketching, which i havent done in maybe 6 or 7 years, and one of my favorite sketchers comes up on woot today.

Still waiting for my Knock Knock Shirt…Going on a month now…

Graffiti writer turned comics pro? how can he not be one of my heroes?

Is that a “mix” tape??

That girl looks suspiciously like a young Steve Tyler.

Looks like anatomy shirt.