Headphones & Earbuds: Ear It Is

Is this really a deal? It’s $10 more on Amazon for some of the popular colors (Ivory, Blue, Black), and $30 cheaper for some of the not so popular colors (Green, Pink, etc.). Yes, I did say Amazon, your parent site…

Oh yeah, I also have prime (why doesn’t that apply by now to Woot?! C’mon guys…) So make that difference $5 after shipping.

Edit: I’m talking about the Sennheiser Momentums

I dont think you realize how these “event” comments work. When you post a comment it is for the entire group of products, not just a single one.

Basically we have no idea which product you are talking about. :slight_smile:

Screw the earphones. I want the gray iPhone case in the picture. Who makes it?

He is clearly talking of the Sennheiser Momentum “deal”. Amazon has the green model at $109 and the rest of colors at only $145, shipped. So please don´t call this a deal, it is clearly not such a thing…

dang, i really wish that walkman pair was bluetooth!

Buyer beware. I received a pair of the Polk UltaFit 500 in ear headphones which looked good to use during my workout and they are very secure and don’t move about. HOWEVER…

The audio quality is abysmal. No highs, terrible bass, very flat.

I am also interested in the case. Who makes it?

Some quick googling found this similar one on amazon.


The image looks bluer than the one seen here but it could be the lighting.

Another option here:


and here:

Yes as pointed out by another poster, I was talking about the Sennheiser Momentums. Looks like Woot got enough chumps to fall for it though…

I’m really worried about the Monster Turbines being fake or not. I know it’s bulk packaging, which also makes it harder to discern between real and fake headphones. Here’s a link below showing the two:
Video showing both

Can you guys tell me what the paper notebook in the event pic is?

Well…that’s unfortunate for you, but thanks for taking a bullet for the rest of us. :slight_smile:

Being sold at $10, my initial expectation would be your description. If it’s cheap and it looks abysmal, it’s highly likely it sounds abysmal.

Considering either the diesel vektrs or the turbines…microphone means little, but I’m a bass head (but still enjoy reasonable sound quality) so I’m not sure which one would be better. Anyone ever listened to both or either?

I got the jlabs over ear last time. They look great and feel good. Unfortunately they sound terrible. Muddy and not good for music. They work fine for lync meetings or Skype calls.

Fantastic Headphones. Sound is usually much pricier.

Still like all headphone after about a year of wearing one ear went dead. By a warranty and DO NOT Lose IT! Like I did.

I would spent much more money on headphones but I might lose them,step on them, close them in my car door,have my dog decide to eat them because I was late with walk. Yes all of these have happened to me.

Good Luck

I bought the Monster Turbines on 10/14, and I have yet to see a tracking number for them shipping. Anyone else buy them an receive them yet?

Nope – Mine has said “shipping now” for the last 3 days. I emailed Customer service and said to wait “3 more business days” for information to post or for them to arrive.

This order is making me seriously reconsider ever buying anything from woot again. I realize they aren’t going to use next-day shipping or anything but they could at least have had them leave the warehouse by now.

I am not happy!

I’ve had so many problems with the last half-dozen or so orders I have placed that I am getting to the same place you are.

At this point I would rather they be slow and accurate, though, so I at least get what I actually ordered and it gets here in good shape.

Granted the item shipping slow doesn’t guarantee that in any way, and I am almost two weeks from my order date with no shipping notification, but I’m still trying to stay positive…

for now…

Hey you two. Sorry for the delay on the orders. I’ve sent an email to see what I can find out.