Headphones & Earbuds

why is there only a 90 day warranty?

You can get those Audio Technicas new on amazon for 169.99 :confused: . From the dealers though, but still.

Really interested in those Klipsch Mode 40. Every review for the last two years says they are uncomfortable but you’d think they’d either fix that or kill the line by now. Apparently their audio performance is pretty good. I want these for trans-Pacific flights so comfort is very important. Then again, maybe there’s a reason they keep showing up on Woot.

I got one of these from Woot previously, and so far, they’ve been fantastic. Love the sound, and the ANC works a treat on flights. If you have a large head I can see how they might be uncomfortable, but at this price they’re a great deal.

Looks like the line has been discontinued by Klipsch though, I couldn’t find them on their site, that might explain what they’re doing here.

Klipsch 1012313 Image ONE On-Ear Headphones with Mic

I bought these from woot back in Feb. They were $10 more, but they were brand new.
They’re still offering a 2yr warranty even though they aren’t new. That’s a good deal.
They nice. I didn’t want blue tooth. I wanted to be able to use them w/ some “old tech” items too. If I list them you will laugh at me. I’m much too sensitive =P

Happy wooting

I bought a pair a few months ago and by the time I decided it was a mistake it was too late to return them. They are incredibly snug, and I don’t have a big head. The ear cups actually fit so tight the air pressure built up actually hurts at first. And frankly, I don’t think they sound as good as my 30 year old AKGs with the worn out foam pads. The other frustrating thing, IMO, was they spent a third of the cost of the thing on packaging! Put the money into the product - or cut the price, I’m just going to throw the box away. Sorry to be a downer, but I wish I hadn’t bought it.

Do these (900 MHZ) interfere with wireless router signals? I seem to recall that 900MHZ phones interfere with the wireless router.

Uhm, not sure how to answer that. That’s what the vendor told us?

Which item? Do you think the info is wrong?

Bought these to try active noise cancelling, wasn’t too impressed I’m afraid. They aren’t very comfortable and are heavy enough they like to fall out of the ears. There is a noticable difference when you turn on cancellation, but they don’t work well with wind… at all. So not great for using while running at the track or under a FF helmet.

I can see how they would be useful for a plane or other situation where you’re not moving around and the noise you’re trying to get rid of is more of a hum, but if I had to do over again I’d just get another good passive set.

No router (in home use) uses 900MHz. Your home router is using either 2.4GHz (for 802.11b/g/n or 5GHz for 802.11a/n).

I got the red pair of Monster Beats over the ear studio headphones not that long ago. I can’t really recommend them. They’re pretty good on sound quality, but they’re VERY loud to those around you. They only cancel out other noise because they’re so loud and bleed noise around you. They’re very bass heavy (as expected). I had to use my iPod’s equalizer to reduce the bass and equalize out the rest of the spectrum. The ear cups are SUPER comfy though. They feel very nice on the ear. They just don’t cancel out your sound from the rest of the world.

The carrying case and removable audio cable are very nice. In fact I use the cable to connect my iPod to my speakerbar at home because its such a nice quality.

the URbeats in-ear headphones are a steal at $40. I have an ex who works at Beats who gave me a pair for XMas. I always pooh-poohed the idea that a pair of in-ear headphones could be that different, and I was stunned the first time I listened to these. Snap those up at $40.

A/T, sennheiser, and Klipsch? These are the best headphones woot has had for sale for a while now.

I need some new earbuds…anyone have recommendations on these? Sound? Durability? Comfort?

I have a Galaxy S4. Do these have volume control and skip track features that work with Droids? Thanks.

Any feedback from owners of the Klipsch ONE headphones? I actually prefer wired headsets, but I may buy these if they have good sound and are durable. I like my Klipsch home stereo speakers, and I am looking for a lightweight portable headset with good sound. I have a set of ATH-M50s and Logitech UE 6000s, but those are a little bulky.

I dunno about the IO’s, but I can share about the IO2’s.

I like my Klipsch BT IO2’s. I had purchased both wired and wireless to compare, and plan to sell or gift the wired. I have to say I prefer the BT. It’s super convenient to walk around the house listening to music without the iPod or phone, or BT-connecting to PC and TV.

Sound-wise, I think the wireless IO’s actually sounds better. I’ve done my research, and people swear by wired sets for better quality. I still believe them, but not for every headset. Either the wired Klipsch-IO2 I got is just a bad apple, or the wireless version actually IS better with these guys.

Oh–and with regards to weight: the wired set is noticeably lighter than the BT set.

Purchased the Klipsch Image one last week for $39.99. They said that they were refurbs but to be honest they look brand spanking new. Probably just factory leftovers before a new model introduction. Sold a set of Grado SR80i which were certainly more neutral but have other negatives. Style, sound bleed and not very sensitive. Look terrible too. These Klipsch definitely have a pumped up bass but its just so addictive. An absolute steal and well worth a hearty recommendation. They even look very high end and include a nifty case as a bonus. money well spent. Thank you Woot !!!