Headphones & Earbuds

The various Pyle PHBT6 headphones aren’t really a great deal. Only $5 cheaper than Amazon, and they’re Prime eligible to boot.

In for one. :slight_smile: Saw the Sony MDR X05s as the only worthwhile purchase on the list for me. I remember testing out the X-model multiple times at various stores with their pre-selected music as well as my phone…not sure if they were X05 or X10, though.

Looking for a nice pair of AE-style. Been eyeing some models between AKG and Grado but am going to take a shot at these first. I hopefully won’t be disappointed. :smiley:

Does anyone know anything about the Pyle PHBT3E? There was a one-star review on Amazon, but nothing else that I could find.

I have the other Pyle BT wireless headphones they’re offering in this sale, the non-flex ones, and while they aren’t bad, they are very tight on my head, and are non-adjustable in any way. Between my apparent fat head and wearing glasses, they aren’t ideal, where my older LG BT headphones I bought years ago on a previous Woot sale have been great. If they’re anything like the Flex type, it’s basically two ears connected by a cord. I’d rather have a more solid, adjustable behind-the-head BT headset myself, which I am still seeking.

low end response of 110hz, must sound like AM radio

Anyone know anything about the Fine Audio NV-02285 headphones? Anything from Pyle just seem to be rebadged stuff from Alibaba. The Fine Audio looks similar to the tons that’s there also, but not exactly. But with the lack of spec of any type, it seems likely to be rebadge of a ultra cheap unit.