Headphones & Earbuds

Bought these last time&could’ve saved time by throwing the $ in the trash.Really flimsy but charged them to try out&discovered that they Never turn off!ever.And my only option is to mail them to the company at my expense with $20.(their purchase price)and Maybe they will repair them.
My mistake for not remembering the old ‘too good to be true’ adage.

Thanks for the heads up. Gonna go check some more reviews.

Anyone else kind of bummed by the latest trend in earbuds? I miss the old style like was popular back in the day and came with the original iPod. The ones which sit in the outer part of your ear. Today it seems like all earbuds are in-ear style where you wedge them into your ear canal. I find those very uncomfortable (they hurt my ears) and also usually don’t want all outside noises blocked. I also don’t like the “headband” style on/over ear ones as they hurt my ears/glasses after long periods. To me the original bud style were the best for comfort/portability.

Any chance you could be more specific? Apparently this got past you: There are a pantload of headphones here and a hatload of brands. Thanks.

Agreed. I personally own the Avantree Hive Bluetooth headphones and I love them. I bought them through Amazon Prime for $40 I believe so these are a better deal here if they’re still 40 on Amazon. Works great with my Apple products, my HP laptop and even my PS3. Only thing about them is that it’s over the ear and my ears tend to get hot over an extended period of use which isn’t really a big deal. I’ve even used them to talk on the phone with. There is a range and I think once you reach the distance of how far you can be from the source, it starts breaking up but that’s only happened once so i can’t be sure. I definitely like these.

Sadly, the Audio Technica QuietPoint ANC on-ear headphones were too good to be true. Sure it has ANC (and comes with a battery), but the design of the headphones essentially allows for all noise to get past the headphones regardless. I got them as a birthday gift (yesterday) from my fiance as I have been complaining about too many conversations at work near my cubical not allowing me concentrate well on my work. Well, today, with music at a “reasonable volume” and the ANC turned on… I could still even hear myself typing. So the surrounding conversations also got into my ears just fine. Waste of money. Really sad. I just hope Woot lets him return them.

i’ve had good experiences. It shuts off/on quickly and connects quickly–a necessity when you have multiple bt devices. (I clip a speakerphone on my fanny pack and use the headphones as a remote clicker.

I have only one real problem with it is that the cans are too small for my ears. It hurts my cartilage when i wear it for 8 hours straight. But the fact that it’s probably has the smallest profile when collapsed of all my headphones is a plus.

The whole thing is a tradeoff. It’s a good non-summer wireless can.

why do you need to turn off your cans anyway? the klipsch pairs really fast. Just unpair and pair again. it does it automatically anyways.

The Bluetooth headphones are the best!!

I’m not sure I understand the need or frustration regarding “turning them off.” That’s like saying I can’t figure out how to turn off my iPhone. Sure you can power it down. (Not so often is that done so it’s not easily accessible. There’s no on/off button. Actually just hold down the home button and it will ask you to swipe to power down). But, generally with these devises you turn off whatever app or song you are currently using/listening to. For instance turn off Spotify, turn off said song (pause button), turn off phone call, etc. Not so much the entire devise. No need to unless something is screwy on it and you need to reboot it.

I found an Avantree model which is similar—except it’s round, not rectangular—and a bit cheaper from Deals Extreme (with free shipping, you save about $6.00).

Oops! Here’s the link:


Still haven’t received these yet anybody else? been well over a month. just wondering.