Headphones & Earbuds

Don’t buy the PHPNC45 Pyle headphones they are junk. I bought 4 of them and 3 of them quit and the warranty means nothing the shipping to pyle is more expensive then what the headphones cost here on woot.

If you’re going to buy the in-car headphones make sure they’re LEGAL in your state first.

These aren’t for the driver, they are for the kids in the back seat watching the same Disney video over and over again.

Well, I guess if the kids are using headphones it is kind of for the driver.

I got the plvwh1 IR headphones. They work fine in our 2012 honda odyssey . Pretty cheap earpiece cushion materials and they’re small, probably more comfortable for a kid.

The PHBT5S are crap too. Bought 2 pair at Christmas. One pair broke. They are also clunky and very uncomfortable.

DOA - JLab FIT Earphones w/ Inline Microphone. Only one side works right out of the box. I am not paying to ship them back. Buying earphones has to be one of the most frustrating things to do. Its like buying fruit, price doesn’t matter, you don’t know until you buy. Then it is too late.

If it was DOA out of the box, email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.