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Ratings are so-so at Amazon:

And the white ones are cheaper on Amazon, plus shipped free (prime members)

I wanted to give info to those interested in these headphones as I own both. I have had the On Ear Sennheiser Momentum’s now for over a year. I bought the Sosche 1056 model from Woot here about a month ago. I have purchased many headphones over the last 30 years with my favorite still being the Sennheiser 580 that I saved up for months and bought in the early 90’s.
The Momentum’s were just not quite as what I had hoped for in sound quality. Sound on headphones is VERY subjective to each individual. These are lightweight and very comfortable, probably the best of any “on ear” phones I have bought in comfort. They have low enough impedance so they can be used with any mobile player. The higher the impedance on any headphone, the more power it will take to drive any headphones. Vocals are quite clear, but there is a lack to me in the mid to higher range. It sounds a bit “muffled” to me. Bass is fairly tight and not overpowering which is my preference anyway. I’m an unabashed Sennheiser fan and have many models from them. The price here is about forty less than I paid and at that price they are more attractive to anyone thinking about purchasing them here. Perhaps I’m just too spoiled with most of my Sennheiser phones, I’m sure these are their attempt in going towards the mobile music market and in no way will my 580 or 598 ever be used for listening on any MP3 player without the addition of a headphone amp. For mobile listening I use the Fiio E17, which is fantastic by the way.
The Sosche 1056 I bought simply to see what they were, and they were quite a surprise to me. The sound quality is far greater than the price Woot is selling them at here. Bass is about equal to the Momentums and may even be more clear. Vocals were actually better. Mid-Highs are quite good after trying them with many variations of music. I really didn’t care for the looks but the sound is far more important to me. These appear to be copied off the “Beats” line in looks, but again I’m not into the style factor at all and do not own any models in the Beats line. My nephew told me they were awesome looking which he seemed to care more for than the sound quality but perhaps I was that way when I was 17. These are all plastic except for the headband, which means they won’t split there over time as has happened with several models I have owned. On me, they are “over ear” phones, but just barely. Sound is a bit better than the Momentum’s and that was very difficult for me to believe. The impedance is a bit higher than the Momentums but still fine on any mobile player I have (IPOD, ZUNE and Samsung phone), I believe that is the case because they are over ear which gives you better sound isolation. Packaging was a nice as well, nice case and the removable cord is flat so there won’t be the crimping I have had before. They are not truly closed and nor truly open headphones so you get some sound isolation which is a nice combination to me. Others will be able to hear what you are listening to at higher volume.
The cushioning is hands down the low point, they are horrid. The top cushion resting on the head is much too thin for comfortable long time listening, you feel it on your head within a few minutes. The ear cushions are worse. They are more rigid and are not soft or fat enough. I see they are removable and I will hunt for some replacements and you CAN replace these. They appear very close in size and structure to several Sennheiser models. If not for the issues with cushioning, I would place them close in sound quality to my Sennheiser 598’s (those are the ones with the odd Beige color and plastic wood accents, but sound great). These are that good in sound quality and the 598’s cost me almost 4x what these cost. Running them through the E17 amp they sounded even better with a little gain on the treble. If these had the cushioning of the Momentums, you would have a great set of phones with much better sound isolation.
It’s not that I dislike the Momentums; there was just so much talk on Sennheiser forums when these came out. The momentums do come in “over ear” models which I’ve heard are much better but cannot see another purchase just for those. The Momentums are far better in build quality but with both of the models here, I believe you will get more bang for buck with the Sosche 1056 as unbelievable as that may seem. Just be sure to add head cushioning on the head band and replacing the ear pads.

JLab J4M earbuds have good reviews, attentive customer service, and are cheaper than amazon with prime. In for 1! Thanks woot :smiley:

I bought the Scosche RH1056M Reference Headphones last time WOOT had them for a co-worker to replace his delaminating BOSE set. The plastic on the ear cups were shredding off leaving bits on his face. He’s pretty picky and I was worried that offering him a lesser known brand like Scosche would immediately get shunned, but I told him to give them a chance. He was immediately impressed with the packaging and said “These must be expensive.”, which is true if one paid retail. We checked all the accessories that come with, and both of us were impressed. He gave them a listen and declared them “AWESOME!”, and raves about them everyday. So much so, I’m buying myself a pair! These are an incredible value at this price. Don’t miss out.

Scosche RH600W - Not much of a deal it seems, only $5 cheaper.

You didn’t link the same model.

For the same model from the same site: http://www.scosche.com/rh1056m-reference-headphones-white

My mistake for quoting, but the link is not “incorrect” did not mean to be responding to that post. My statement and link stand true for Scosche RH600W which is only discounted by $5.00 here.

I just bought and received the CoD: Ear Force Kilo Gaming Headset overall very comfortable. Had no issues with windows 7 recognizing the mic since it is usb. If you are wanting this because of sound quality they aren’t bad to listen to music with seems slightly bass heavy. Overall for the price they are a good buy for gaming. I do like the fact that there is 2 sets of physical audio controls where I can control the mic and headset volume separately. Of course there is the standard mute switch on the headset too.

I got mine and they were defective. One of the earpads I needed was all melted and misshapen. More importantly, one channel was much quieter than the other, even with the non-misshapen earbud pad sets.

And woot has taken forever to reply to my return request, so I wait in limbo to find out how to get a refund for these useless, double defective earbuds…

Sorry for the delay. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so they can look into it.