Headphones & Earbuds

I’m not the biggest fan of the J4Ms I picked up last time (scratchy buds, weird fit, sound is missing something). I’d suggest the Sennheisers

Also, I’d recommend a normal two-speaker headset over one of Turtle Beach’s 7.1 headsets. They have to sacrifice quality, loudness and sound range to fit all those speakers in there. Even after all that work, the positional audio you’d expect doesn’t really work at all.

With that said, Turtle Beach seems to have some nice accessories with their stuff.

I picked up the Turtle Beach XP400 from the last sale, and I have to say they are pretty damn amazing. My only gripe is that you cannot stream music/other audio to them while playing games and cannot stream music to them via Bluetooth in general. Great gaming headset though.

The Polk Ultrafit 2000a are some awesome headphones, especially at that price. I picked some up last time and have been very pleased. I may get another pair just in case I lose one or some other tragedy.