Headphones & Earbuds

I cannot praise the sound of the Polk 2000a headphones enough. Especially for the money. Very clear and balanced sound. Also work well for sporty activities since they do let sound in (unlike silicone ear buds). In line mic works well for calls on my android phone, but the buttons on the headphones don’t do what they’re supposed to (I believe they’re for IOS).

I’ve got four pairs of these - three yellow and black ones from woot and a red and black pair I bought full price from Amazon because I liked them so much.

Just bought two more for gifts.

The Monster Inspiration over ears are fantastic. I got a set for Christmas this year and they really are superior sound to what Monster used to make with Beats. The flat cables are great and the controls are positioned well and work really smoothly. Also if you want all black, Walmart has them new for the same price and I think you can still do free ship to store.

I bought a set of the Pyle PHPNC15 headphones prior to a trip to Kenya last year. They had better reviews than the more expensive model, and I do not like using ear buds. The headphones were great! They are excellent as normal headphones, and when I switched on the noise cancelling it made a big different in ambient noise perception. They also plugged into all airline’s audio jacks. The AAA batteries lasted the entire trip, and are still good.

Every time the sennheiser IE60 come on, they’re sold out in less than an hour… Frustrating!

why does woot keep selling junky pyle tech? cmon woot the reviews at the mothership are almost always horrid

I just received my Monster inspiration yesterday from this sale. It was brand new with shrink wrap and everything. I love the sound of this headphone with deep bass and decent mids and highs. I think it is a good deal at this price although I wouldn’t pay original price for it.