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Are the Maximo iP-595 iMetal buds compatible with iphone/pod 4 & 5? - Many ‘standard’ bud remotes don’t work with the ‘shorter’ jacks in the newer iphone/pods

Bought the ‘House of Marley’ wood earbuds last time offered and they sound great! The bass is surprising. I noticed that other manufacturers, like JLab, are also now making ear buds using wood to house the ‘innards’. JLab is using ebony but I believe these use beech. The 3 button control works w/smartphones but I use these with my android tablet so the only button that provides function is the ‘call’ button. When pressed it pauses (or un-pauses) my music. The right-angle jack is a nice feature, it really helps to keep the cord out of the way when tilting and rotating the tablet when playing certain games. Good selection of silicone cushions and, for someone whose always found earbuds uncomfortable, I find these very easy to wear for long periods. To get a product this good for $5.99, I feel like I’ve done something illegal. Definitely recommend, “outstanding” value!

Second the positive comments on the Marley headphones. For the $40 retail price, I’d call them OK, but for $5.99 they are a total no brainer.

Lots of bass - a bit boomy for my liking sometimes but at lower volumes it does add a nice “weight” to the sound. Really good in ear headphones with balanced armature drivers will clobber these, and cost $100 or more, but these are just the ticket for, say, mowing the lawn. The extra bass is nice in that loud setting, the noise attenuation from them going in ear works well, if I mangle them I won’t have to worry about it financially and the remote works well (I use it with iDevices)

I’m buying another set.

Re: SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Gaming Headset, 50mm Drivers, 2.4GHz, USB, 3.5mm, RCA

Really disappointed that the Mic on these won’t work on PC. I need a new gaming headset and would like to go wireless.

I use mine in an IPhone 5 and love it- the mic quality is far superior than that apple supplied headphones. thinking about buying more as gifts

I have the older Cx200 Sennheiser buds… they sound absolutely amazing. Crisp highs and I like that they drop down to 20hz for the lows, you really notice it in some types of music and it makes it that much richer sounding.

I also own a set of Klipsch, but not this model shown. (bought two sets off another woot, one for me one for the wife). Best set of on-ear headphones we’ve ever bought.

Now if I can just find the perfect over-ear set and I’ll have one of each type :smiley:

Hey guys, who refurbishes these Sony headphones? Does Sony do it or is it a third party? What kind of guarantee do I have on quality?

These are factory reconditioned by Sony or a third party they designate. They carry a 90-day Sony warranty.

I own a few pairs of the JBL Tempo earbuds, and I’ve had Sennheisers as well, and I like the range and low end on the JBLs more. Not boomy, but very warm.
The buds themselves feel a little bigger than most other ear buds I’ve owned.
The cord seems very sturdy, but the rubber is a bit less compliant than most cords, it’s a bit more stiff and likes to hold it’s shape.

For the price though, I’ve never heard anything better. A must buy if you prefer ear buds over those squishy, silicone, in ear headphones.

I got the iLuvs on a whim last time for the price. Terrible sound - I cringed just listening to a few songs on my iPod. Got them for fitness - might be okay for audiobooks, but not for anything resembling music.

I also have the CX200. This little thing got me to appreciate quality headphones and I own half a dozen now. For $15 it was great value. I hope the CX250 just as good. Only real negative of it is that, at least on the CX200 (and it appears from the picture that the CX250 will have the same issue) the thick rubber cord transfers a lot of noise when it rubs against stuff.

On a different note, I recently bought the Meelectronics NS63. It was just delivered today. I’m not 100% impressed with it, but I’ve yet to burn it in. I’m tempted on picking up the Klipsch but man, I’m poor!

I’m about to be in for 3 on the Maximo deal, because I’m bummed I didn’t do the same on the Maximo IM490s I bought a few years back. Far and away the best headphones I’ve ever owned, and for a measly $12 (thanks WOOT!)

I washed them in a pair of jeans pocket, and they still worked for a while, but eventually they quit.

So my question is, are they exclusive to iProducts? I don’t care about the remote function working with my Windows Phone and Zune, but I just want to make sure the sound will travel.

If this is an obvious question, sorry. I’m not very techy. It seems like it wouldn’t matter if you just wanted them for listening…

Don’t ever buy Iluvs from woot. They are always cheaper at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Ross. Super cheap all the time.
I’m interested in the only pair of Marley’s still available. Are they worth it? The Amazon reviews were inconclusive.
I love clip style ear headphones but the reviews for the 680s aren’t good on amazon.

I bought one each of the Sennheiser’s. CX250 and the in Ear Sports version OMX 680. About half the best price on Amazon. So hopefully they’ll be good stuff.