Headphones & Earbuds

Ok, I have a dumb question. Why do the Panasonic RP-HC720 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones need a battery?

The word “Active” in Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones means there are electronics in the headphones to actively cancel out ambient noise so you won’t hear it (for the most part) in the headphones. Hence, a battery is required to power the electronics.

I have enjoyed the sound quality and fit of the Sennheiser ear buds quite a bit (I bought a nicer set from amazon) but they are not very durable. They have a 2 year warranty but a replacement set only carries a 90 day warranty. So with normal use I killed two sets in two years and they will no longer honor the warranty. So I am looking for a more durable set and no more Sennheisers for me.

The Sennheiser HD219’s seem to be a wicked good deal. $57 on Amazon right now. I’m in for one.

The 518s are sold out, and “80% bought 3” translates to “you’ll be seeing these on the Amazon marketplace and eBay soon”

I have bought the House of Marley earbuds on previous Woots! for myself and for my sons although they were a different style. They are great! Good sound quality and the woven cord is durable. My oldest son requested a set after seeing mine to use on his work commute under a motorcycle helmet. I’ve used mine daily for going on one year and no problems thus far…

I have both Klipsch headphones and actually prefer the sound of image 1 to Bose. The noise cancellation on the cook looking copper ones is just slightly better than noise isolation. My local Best Buy had Klipsch Image 1 on display. I recommend you try before you buy if possible.

HD 518 was sold out so fast. I realy want to get one. Amazon ask for $97. WOOT should get more stock for some hot deal.

I can’t speak for the newer model, but the previous model Klipsch Image One’s are a complete WIN. (I have a longer review on these when they were up by themselves the other day)
I would only hope they improved on, or used the same quality on these newer models. For $50 you cant beat them for sound quality.

Beats by Dre. Please be warned…horrible warranty service. I called in over a month ago about my mic not functioning. They said they were out of stock and advised me to randomly call in to see if they are in stock. My emails have gone unanswered about this issue. Horrible experience.

YES PLEASE! I can’t believe how fast these went, makes sense since most people bought 3. I’m so mad I missed out on these D’:

I just got my Klipsch from the previous woot sale and I love them. Super comfy and great sound. I’m not much of an audiophile, but they’re the best headphones I’ve ever worn. (Granted that’s not saying all that much, but for $50, I feel they’re well worth it.)

Avoid the Maximo headphones. They no longer honor their warranty. I have been trying to contact them for a month now to get replacement headphones from them. If you dont believe me go check the BBB.

Gotcha. I never knew noise cancelling headphones had a ‘technology’ to them. Perhaps these will help me sleep w/o hearing my husbands’ snoring =)

Unfortunately, most headphone noise cancelling only takes out repetitive type noises; like a car engine, fan, jet engine, etc. I dont know if they will help with that. Let me know if it does.

If u want to block out your husbands snoring, why not just get a pair of ear plugs for a couple of bucks.

Or get him a CPAP.

I play music in my headphones loud enough for everyone else to enjoy my music. They all stare their thanks to me. Excuse me, I hear a bell ringing must be someone at the door.

Would it be a mistake to work out with the Image Ones?