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Does anyone know if there is a similar deal for the android-compatable version of the Klipsch S4 earphones?

I had no idea the volume control on the s4i wouldn’t work on my android device until you mentioned this. It’s really irritating that manufacturers come up with all this proprietary nonsense just to sell accessory licensing.

That said, I purchased the s4i ruggeds last time woot offered them and I love them for my iphone. They really are rugged. My dogs have ripped them out of my ears several times and they still function flawlessly. I purchased these from woot for two reasons. Number one, it was a deal(duh!). Number two, Klipsch lists woot as an authorized reseller on their website so I get the full warranty jazz.

According to the Klipsch website, there will be an “a” designation instead of the “i” following the number (i.e. S4a). As of yet, I have not seen the Android compatible version of these headphones for sale on Woot.

You could try going to Kohls. They carry the S4a on sale sometimes 50% and if you use a 30% coupon you can get them for around 35-40$.

Are the beats tour in ear headphones the 2011 or 2013 version?

You can also download an app that will interpret the signals from these to control your android. The volume buttons themselves don’t work, but you can still control the volume through I think holding it down for a second or two and it raps through the volume. Something to that nature anyway.

Hey, beats are overpriced even when they’re on sale!

Heads up: Maximo doesn’t honor its warranty.

How are these on staying in your ears while you jog and work out? I hate that manufactures quit making in-ear phone for these ear bud types, but what are you gonna do right?