Lots of headsets - which brand do you trust the most to keep the sounds of distraction away?


What’s the verdict? Any of these a good deal and durable?


One of these days I will find a good, single ear PC headset…


Fair warning for next time: The Incase headset doesn’t keep out much of the noise, however, it is memory-foam padded and extremely comfortable, with a lovely, crisp and clear sound.


I have a J4MS that is intermittent, though the phone may be at fault.

I steered away from the J5MS as some Amazon buyers posted pics of theirs falling apart. Screw that…


Picked up a second pair of Maximos for the office - the sound is nice, the mic (apparently) works fine when I’ve used it for google voice on my MBP, and they’re fairly comfortable. Vocals and classical music sound great and the extremely high notes dont seem buzzy. I don’t like heavy base, so if you’re looking for that these may not be the buds for you, but all in all, I’ve been pretty happy with them. Packaging was nice, too, so they’d make a good gift - they come with adapters, a little case, boxed well, stylish, etc.


I got the Mad Catz Tritton GW3 headset. I like them alot, the sound is nice. As noted this is not a true surround sound headset, but it works for PS3, XBox and PC. My only gripe is that the sound floor is rather high. If you’re not sure what that means, its that there is a constant buzzing that can be heard in mine. Not at all noticeable when actually playing a game or while watching a movie, but during those dead times in between… for the price I would have expected more. I think they should really be around $70-90 for that fact. I have a pair of Audiotechnica headsets that are the same price range, but are far better in keeping a low sound floor. These are just easier to use for my consoles and allow a digital input rather than analog. The lights are a definite plus in my book.

Comfort wise it’s pretty nice too. I’ve worn them for hours not even noticing at the end that I had them on, until it was time for bed. :slight_smile:


I purchased 2 pairs back in early Sept and still using the 1st pair everyday to listen to books downloaded onto my phone. Also works great with the phone, no complaints from people I’m speaking with because of the mic and I can hear them loud and clear.
Bought 2 more, one more for me I like to have spares of things I like that I know may have a limited life and one as a gift. I guess I should add I had purchased the Maximo iMetal earphones.


6 weeks of daily use of the Maximo iMetal earphones.


I recently got the inCase headphones. They are very comfortable. The sound is fine. They are a little bit loose (when cleaning) but they have stayed on during exercise and that is all I really ask of them. A big feature for me was the fact that the cord can be replaced. I haven’t had to do so yet but I am glad that I can.


is it possible to cancel an order?? i just bought the trendy budz (5 of them), but i want to buy the maximo instead! i wrote to support, but i’m afraid they won’t see my e-mail in time to stop the order.


is woot an authorized dealer? in other words, will i be able to make use of the maximo lifetime warranty if they prove defective?


We’ve alerted them to your issue.


thank you!!


I am considering using wired ear buds with a mic instead of bluetooth earpieces because I keep spending money on nice bluetooth for my smartphone and I end up losing them (just lost a $60 bluetooth at a Halloween party) or washing them in the clothes washer by mistake. I’ve never lost earbuds before.


I own a pair of the klipsch image s3’s and I LOVE them. For 20 bucks, those buds are more than worth it. A lot of folks complain that the bass isn’t high enough, but they do a fine enough job for me.


Got a set of Detonators myself, done using the Xbox mic.


I just received the Klipsch Image S3 from a recent Woot and must say I’m very impressed with how good they sound for the price. I own other significantly more expensive earphones like the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 and Klipsch Image X10, so I believe I have a decent frame of reference.

The S3 was purchased as backup earphones but I would not hesitate to recommend them to those looking for something on a budget.