Headsets: A Passive Way To Say 'Shut Up'

Who or what are you getting a closer listen to with these?

Merry Christmas to me!!!

Anyone ever buy refurbished? I never have and I’m a bit leery…

I’ve never bought refurb Turtle Beach before but I’ve bought plenty of iDevices on the cheap that were refurb and never had a problem with them.

They do come with a 90 day warranty and for a few bucks more you can purchase a SquareTrade warranty. You have up to 30 days from date of sale to decide whether to purchase one or not.

IMHO, the money saved even with adding on a SquareTrade warranty is still way cheaper than a brand new headset. Turtle Beach only offers a limited 1 year warranty for new gear anyway so chew on that an go from there.

Even a used PX5 headset on Amazon is still $150, so I think that the price of these is quite a good buy!

Wow, you clearly know more about this than I do. Thanks for the info! Pretty sure I’ll be picking one of these up!

I have this headset and I will caution buyers that if you have lots of wireless devices in your home they could conflict with this headset.

I use mine with my Xbox and unfortunately I get a lot of ‘popping’ noises when playing games or watching movies. Turtle Beach has a FAQ on their site that says this can be due to interference from other wireless devices (like your wireless router).

If I had it to do again I would probably look for a headset that uses the 5.8Ghz frequency instead of the more common 2.4Ghz.

Are all of these for PS3 and XBOX only?

The X’s are usually Xbox headsets. P’s are for Playstation, Z’s are for PC. Though some like the XP500’s work with all three by virtue of analog & fiber optic inputs, bluetooth connectivity, and the special Xbox chat adapter.

I own a pair of the x12. It works with both xbawks and pc. And they’re great headphones.

You can NOT go wrong with these refurbs. I own a set of x41s that I’ve had for about a year and I just bought a set of the xp500s last time they were on here.

I highly recommend BOTH of those head sets. Dont even bother with the lower end models. If you can afford it, XP500 is the way to go dual pairing is a god send when receiving phone calls and the extra 5 bucks over the PX5 is a no brainer as the xbox dongle is 20 bucks by itself.

Also, the MW3 Delta looks like a fancy version of the XP500 so probably worth the extra 10 bucks for the fancy case and graphics if you plan on taking them places.

Also it looks like the MW3 Delta also comes with the controller cable in case you dont want to use the bluetooth. So I’d definitely recommend that one for the extra coin.

Why does woot always put up Turtle beach crap. Put up some quality Astro headsets and I’ll buy them.

Definitely not crap. While Astros are nice, its like playing COD in a 16 year old’s civic with 2 15s in the trunk. WAY too much bass.

They also dont have bluetooth. I find it hard to believe they couldn’t squeeze that in for $300. The TB is also fully programmable as far as EQ goes.

If my budget is $50 and I’m open to both wired and wireless options, what would people say are my best choices? This will be almost exclusively for pc gaming.

Agreed. My X31’s got a ridiculous amount of interference from my router. Get 5.8ghz or bust with this Turtle Beach stuff. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to buy an audio adapter for the Xbox 360 to use most of these unless they have optical (the more expensive models do) or you use composite/component to hook up your console to the TV/receiver.

Changing the channel of your router solves the popping issue.

To assuage any fears of possible buyers…I have bought a number of sets of the X41s as gifts and for myself and they work great.

Comparing the specs of the X41 vs XP500 vs PX5…what is the advantage of getting the more expensive models over the X41 (which is the original version anyway)??

The X41 gets more power in 35mW/ch vs 27mW/ch on the XP500 & PX5…granted they have bluetooth and USB ports but is the sound quality on 7.1 really that different??

So majority is saying not to buy these? I just want a great gift for a gamer. I know nothing about changing router frequencies.