Headsets: A Passive Way To Say 'Shut Up'

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I have a refurb X41 and an XP500. Both looked like brand new and worked perfectly.

Now, what confuses me here is why is the PX 5 and XP 500 $5 in difference? They are identical and work on either PS3 or XBOX 360 and literally the only difference between them is the trim color on the ear cups, so why, woot?

You can get this issue with any wireless device. It can usually be overcome by creatively moving the devices to different locations, even if in the same room.

I would disagree and say buy. If you are talking about the wireless headsets, you may run into the popping noise if you have a lot of wireless devices (mostly routers) within close range of the base. Just move the devices around so they no longer interfere. I bought a Logitech G90 for my PC and a TB X41 for my Xbox 360. I LOVE my wireless 7.1 channel wireless headsets and I would never go back!

I would say if you are worried, go with the x41. Some say they get better performance if not better overall sound quality than the PX5/XP 500. I think the X41 uses regular wireless and the XP500/PX5 (I have read that they are identical except in the ear cup color - not sure about the mic plug differs at all) was “upgraded” to 2.4. Better sound quality, but some people have had issue with more interference with the 2.4 ghz range because it is a very crowded radio spectrum.

The TB X41/PX5/XP500 connect via USB to power the base base, but there is standard RCA left/right in plug ports as well as digital in and out ports so you should be able to use these on more than just consoles. You may not be able to chat with these, say, on a PC. If you want a PC wireless headset, go with a Logitech G90. Theoretically it might work on a PC especially of you have digital in and out, but I have not tested it.

The Ear Force X12 is $2 cheaper new on Amazon.com.

I bought this exact model (X31) refurbed from Walmart about a year or two ago and they work perfectly.

They came in one of those hard to open plastic shells and it had a refurbished sticker on it. It looked brand new when I opened it up and it has been working flawlessly ever since.

My parents have a wireless headset so one of them can watch TV in bed while the other sleeps. Does anyone know if these will work for that as well as the gaming? or will it just work for gaming? I’m hoping to find a wireless set that i can use for gaming but also use to watch TV in silence, Thanks for the help!!

XP500 comes with XBox bluetooth dongle. Otherwise they are identical. but withouth the dongle, you’ll have to use a wire from the headset to the controller on xbox.

Yes all the wireless models should accomplish that.

Just going to copy-paste my post from the last Turtle Beach sale. TL:DR is that Turtle Beaches are decent sound in crap construction; Trittons and Astros are less likely to break but cost more.

I bought a pair of Turtle Beach X1s (I think the equivalent is now the x11 or x12?) about two years ago; they were good for an entry-level stereo headset, but were not durable: one of the earcups snapped off entirely when I took it off my head after a gaming session (not a ragequit, either; I don’t throw my pricy electronics). I got it replaced under warranty, but I ended up buying a set of Tritton AX Pros, which are waaaayyyy sturdier, besides also having 5.1 surround. They did cost 3 times as much as my X1s, though.

That said, in my circle of friends, one guy bought the X1s off me and is happy with them, one guy is a longtime Turtle Beach customer whose most recent X41s crapped out (and this is the third set in about a year and a half), and he’s replacing them with a set of Astros, and the rest are a mix of Trittons and Turtle beaches.

Overall, the sound quality on Turtle Beaches is pretty good, but what has driven me and several of my friends away is the quality of their construction, which has been declining even as the price goes up. If you want something which isn’t flimsy, I’d say get some Trittons or Astros. If you want something inexpensive which you won’t use super frequently, then Turtle Beaches may work out better for you than they did for us.

Edit: Also, for context, we mostly play Call of Duty (two time Kill Confirmed world champs woot woot), which is why the AX Pro’s surround sound matters to me. If you just need something to not disturb your neighbors, the Tritton Trigger is probably good enough, and costs $50 instead of $150.

I have the PX500 (MW3 version model) I absolutely love them. You can adjust presets and desired specific sound frequencies. It changed the way I play games. Not just buy sight but also by listening to the sounds in the game. I also love the Bluetooth function to hook up to my phone and listen to music or quickly take a phone call. I also like the wireless feature to connect to the Xbox chat via the XBA Bluetooth adapter which is not offered by the PX5. You don’t have cords hanging around you and have to worry about ripping the cable out of your remote anymore. I would suggest buying nice quality rechargeable batteries for your remote and headset as with all wireless components they tend to eat through batteries. I would not hesitate to recomend these to a friend any day.

I wouldn’t buy this junk. I bought a pair of these brand new and they broke in 3 days. They are plastic and have a week point where the screws hold the headband together. If you want a good pair of headphones go with the Razor Model RZ04-0025. I think they were around a $100, but they are well worth it than the cheap plastic china crap that is going to break real soon.

i was looking at the Razor Chimaera on Woot in the Tech section (sale going on now) and read some reviews of them being similar to turtle beach but not as good as logitech, a friend at best buy says to go with turtle beach but i’m going to assume he doesn’t know anything about anything and just seuggests turtle beach cuz it’s what they carry! I’m stuck choosing between logitech, razor, and turtle beach, i’d like to spend between $50-$80 for whatever is the best value, i’d like to get a pair with a rechargeable built in that charges on the dock… not in that price range i’m assuming :frowning:

Obviously there are going to be people with bad stories here, thats why there are refurb models to begin with. But at this price point, i’ll be a Turtle Beach fan for a long time. Yes, they’re plastic, so you can break them, but I’ve had no build quality issues with either of the top end TB sets I’ve owned. Both refurbs BTW.

The pair that broke on me was the second pair of Turtle Beaches I have owned. In fact, the first pair is still hooked up on a 360 for the last 4 years. I have had no problem out of those, but even though they are plastic also, the construction is totally different. I can tell you this after I spent almost a $100 on the pair that broke…I will never buy Turtle Beach again.

In Fact, even if the cost is higher on the Razer’s, they will never break on you because they have metal on them.

Pot metal is just as prone to breakage if not more so than plastic as it doesn’t flex. I’ll just use the Glock example. Verses a Cobra or Jennings.

x12 on amazon for 30.


I bought the XP500 here on Woot, refurbished, only a few weeks ago.
It was listed for $130. The XP500 is pretty dang great. Once you get into the crisp sound, you are indulged into the ease of multiplayer voip. I would recommend the XP500 to ANYONE. Also, the XP500’s looked ‘more new’ than my neighbor’s brand new pair. Pretty ironic.

If you ever get popping noises, just change your router’s channel.

I bought Ear Force X31 Wireless $40.00 Refurbished, last time they were up. They were delivered to my house late, and not in a box, but in the plastic that the product is sold in with a shipping label on it. I contacted support@woot.com and I have a case # assigned to me. When I emailed them again without having the case # nearby, they said there’s no record of my email to them. My package was delivered cracked up & half open, Just a few words to the wise. I’d almost consider getting another one, but I’m afraid it’d be delivered the same. I still haven’t heard from support either, that I’m aware of.