Healdsburg Ranches Cabernet (12)



Healdsburg Ranches Cabernet - 12 pack
$105.99 (Normally $132.00) 20% off List Price

PRODUCT: 12 2008 Healdsburg Ranches Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon
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Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.


Sounds like an oaky fruit bomb for under $10/shipped. If you’re looking for party wine, this would be it. I’m passing because it’s not what I’m looking for.


hah glad someone else said it, because that was my first thought when I read the description


Mine just showed up today-by the time I get home and try some it will probably no longer be up-but that said I think I will open one anyway-don’t usually do that when it first arrives. Will post if this is still up.


MOVIE SIGN on the main page.


What does bottle cap smell like?


At this rate, it may still be up.


I wish this was the Zin as I drank all of that and really enjoyed it. I may be in for one tho as I already have free shipping. Has anyone tried the Cab from the last offering?


Vin de Idaho


There are some LOVELY wines made in Idaho!


C’mon!! Who loves Prince??? Someone could have themselves a “purple rain” party (some one else offer a positive spin here!)


OK…I did my part. Always in for a good (fingers crossed) BBQ drinker. Husband is out smokin some baby backs right now and they should be done in a couple more hours. NumNum!


So should this offering.


I did have a glass when I got home last night and it was very nice-well worth what we paid for it and hopefully it will show up again-I would def. buy some more