Healing Solutions Essential Oil Kits, Your Choice

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Healing Solutions Essential Oil Kits, Your Choice
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That is all.

No such thing as FDA approved essential oils. Look for organic essential oils, not this type of oil.

It’s done at an FDA registered facility, not an FDA approved product which you correctly state doesn’t exist for EOs. I prefer the organic ones as well.

This is a perfect way to detoxify your wallet.

FYI: Most “sandalwood” is synthetic and smells really bad. I suspect there are plenty of other fake aromas these days.

Specs don’t say if these are blended. Many ‘essential oils’ for aromatherapy are already diluted with a base oil, partly so that people who don’t know what they’re doing don’t put something on their skin that isn’t safe to use undiluted. Can Woot find out if these are guaranteed straight EO and not blended oils?

Thank you! I hadn’t seen that in a while. Perfect!

big box of nope

Exactly what conditions do these oils heal? How does one know if they are working on not?

I looked these up for their test results and most are NOT true essential oils. They’re synthetic fragrance blends. Here’s the website where you can look up test results:
This facility is an independent essential oil testing lab. They work with Dr. Pappas a lot. He’s one of the top chemists who test the veracity of EO products, and has been on a crusade to save folks money with scam sellers.
Buyer beware on these EO’s.

If these are blended from the same base oil, it’s garbage.

And maybe my math is off…but $24 for 14 bottles, and $75 for 28 bottles…or is there something else they throw in there to make the “Doctors” kit better?

Not to mention, not many actual Doctors would sign off on this anyway.

There are very few true EO companies. I just started using Young Living, after trying Calily and DoTerra. Calily was the cheapest, but I found better overall then DoTerra, which is a just rebottling company that doesn’t make their own stuff anyway.

Most of these are only good for diffusers to make your house smell good and not for any therapeutic use.

EOs have no therapeutic value. There is a little data on slathering an EO on a skin infection in response to MRSA. Inhaled EOs have been found to only be efficacious in treating symptoms like anxiety and stress that are psychotropic and could as easily be treated with sugar pills.

Donate the money to the Red Cross instead. This product is a waste.

Can someone please just put the Woot monster out of its misery. It took many a dollar from me pre-Bezos, but this is all just sad now. It’s like a K-Mart blue-light special–no one cares because everyone already sold their soul and went to Walmart

Don’t waste your money. This brand is trash. They make their EOs sound good, but when compared to quality EOs there’s a noticeable difference.

Not even bothering to specify subgenus of oils that come from plants like eucalyptus is a BIG red flag even if they weren’t selling these so cheaply they’d be losing money if the oils were all 100% pure oil of the types they claim to be. Save your money.

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