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Warning: This stuff is hit or miss with quality. Mine came rock hard and looked old.

I’ve been a runner all throughout high school and college, and wasn’t allowed to lift during track. I’m now a <150lb 5’10" 24 yr old. To gain the muscle mass I want I plan to do the old bulk and trim method, in which you lift a lot and eat a lot (including the Phase8 protein) to gain muscle and fat, then trim off the fat by increasing the amount of cardio (with continued lifting). I will also be using the Top Secret Jitter Free Fat Burning Pills at this point, which also did very well in reviews. REMEMBER! Protein and fat-burning pills do not do the work - YOU do. You must exercise and eat healthy in order to show the best results. You can’t find the perfect body in a pill or supplement, and if you do, that supplement is doing you more harm than good.

I got 2 of the Chocolate Phase8 protein and 2 bottles of the Top Secret Fat Burners. They did really well with reviews on major sites.

here’s a couple reviews of the protein:
GNC-4.8/5 (for vanilla)

And the Top Secret Fat Burners:

That’s strange… I ordered some as well and it was normal. Maybe you should contact a woot rep. I had an issue with a product before and they refunded it (they will also replace it, if any product is still available).

I appreciate that Woot allowed me to ship back my Youth H2O Youth Berry because it doesn’t contain stevia, it’s sweetened with sucralose, an ingredient that can cause problems, including but not limited to painful fibromyalgia flareups, migraines and unwanted changes in the digestive system in a significant number of people. The ingredients list on the bottles are not easily read, especially if you’re getting on in years. Not everyone reads the comments before buying here. Others are likely to trust Woot and unwittingly consume sucralose unless that ingredients list is changed to correctly reflect what is actually being sold. It’s been well documented in the comments of the previous listings for this item that this is an issue and that Woot has been aware of it for quite some time. It’s hard to understand why the misleading description was used again. Can’t the ingredients list be changed?

It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, but are you sure you really want to take a fat burning suppliment? There is no biological free lunch, just make sure you know what you are getting in to.

However, this one is based on Forskolin, which seems to be a pretty popular one. Good luck.

If it were me, id just stick to good, healthy fats and LOTS of good food and veggies.

Really good point. At first I was just going to get the protein, but I’m also a little terrified of the whole “bulking” process. I’ve never really been above 10% bodyfat and I expect to have a significant increase in it. I eat healthy and am not afraid of hard cardio, but I bought the pills just as an aid. As you said, it’s based on Forskolin, which I have checked out and it seems pretty safe. What got me to swing for the pills was their popularity and good reviews, along with the great price (I mean, they seriously sell for $37/bottle on other sites). I figured worst-case, I’d just dump 'em and be out $20 (2 bottles). I’m also a molecular biologist by trade and took a look at the molecular mechanisms - the pills don’t force you to burn fat, but rather they help your metabolism better target the fat while working out.

i’m afraid it cannot. last time we offered the Youth H2O, i looked into this & was informed that the manufacturer made versions of this product with both sweeteners. they do not have the different formulas separated in their facility & therefore they cannot state which version a customer will receive.

it’s a disappointing response, i know, but it sounds like there’s no way to know which customer will get stevia versus sucralose. i’m sorry.

I appreciate your efforts. My question wasn’t whether someone could pick or choose, I had to give up that notion before accepting the fact that if I couldn’t handle sucralose, my only option was a return, not an exchange. My post today is about future purchasers being advertised one thing and then consuming another and paying a price for it in terms of pain or other unwanted side effects. A simple “May contain sucralose instead of stevia.” note somewhere on the description would go a long way to negate the appearance of deliberately and knowingly deceiving customers.

That’s good feedback, thanks for coming back to clarify. I’ll make sure this gets passed up.

I find it interesting that the company told WOOT they cannot separate their product by sweetener, but when I contacted the company (back when this stuff was up the first time, and I made the mistake of ordering) I was told to not judge their product on how a “deal a day” website handles their merchandise. I was then promptly sent a box of their stevia product to try. I was also told that they make the item with both sweeteners to satisfy different customers preferences, and WOOT elected to sell both items. I truly believe this is a WOOT issue, and it is very disappointing that they seem to be “passing the buck” on this one. I would imagine that WOOT is going to have a pretty hard time offloading this stuff, since they can’t advertise the ingredients properly.

Does anyone have info or experience with the Phase8 Protein Powder?
I want to get it for my son, (19) but am not sure this is like the usual protein powder you’d get at a Rite Aid, etc. I don’t want to ask him because it’s a gift.

Phase8 isn’t a bad protein powder, but by all means it certainly isn’t exceptional. In one 39g scoop you get 26g of protein, so the percentage of protein is not as high as some other supplements. Another issue is the amount of calcium seems to be low given that they have casein as one of the proteins, a sign that it is lacking in a particular protein source.

With all that said it’s still a pretty good deal and they’ve nailed the taste down quite well. Optimum Nutrition gold standard is probably the most popular protein and for good reason. Dymatize Elite, Iso-100, and Universal Nutrition make some pretty good product too.

concerning the youth 2 0 -

I too, received these containing sucralose and consumed them without knowing.
Nothing life threatening occurred, but some itchy discomfort (downward and to the back of me) was a result.

Also note your **expiration dates **- the outside of one box was imprinted with Jan /2014, but inside the other each individual bottle had a 09/2013 date.

It’s unfortunate, because before the aforementioned issues, I was feeling increased energy. taste is horrid, tho. I wonder if the product is a little easier on the palate with stevia.

I have to agree with socalwoman:
*"My post today is about future purchasers being advertised one thing and then consuming another and paying a price for it in terms of pain or other unwanted side effects. A simple “May contain sucralose instead of stevia.” note somewhere on the description would go a long way to negate the appearance of deliberately and knowingly deceiving customers. " *

if dates other than Jan 2014 are still being sold, the description should be edited about this as well. Possibility of expiration dates 09/13 - 01/14

just keepin it real…

ETA: woot! 's customer service rocks!

I’ve passed your comments along to the appropriate parties. Thanks for taking the time to post!


I was contemplating these but will now steer clear as sucralose gives me migraines.

Um,. no. The stevia product that the company sent me was horrid as well :slight_smile: I just hold my breath and chug. lol

As to the Youth H2O, I have no sensitivity to either sweetener. I got it the last go-round, VERY skeptically, but I knew my food habits are absolutely horrid and that I had the energy of a sloth, so I thought a little added nutrition and a possible boost in energy wouldn’t hurt.
While I look not a bit younger, I do feel a world better and I do have more energy - the GOOD kind, not the “jittery, tense, bouncing-off-the-walls” kind. This is a TRUE testimonial, I’m just a regular old sedentary 40-something woman who bought it, tried it, and wants to get as much as I can of it while it’s this crazy cheap.

Couple more points - the “sell by” date and the date stuff actually goes bad are miles between. This is well known. If you’re the type who throws away milk that is perfectly good based solely on the “sell by” date, that may matter. If you’re the type that actually uses common sense, however, then this is silly to bring up.
AND - I have had absolutely no “gastrointestinal distress”. It does taste like a tart berry juice mixed with burnt coffee, but the aftertaste is actually kind of pleasant? Dunno why, but it is. AND - if the aftertaste is too much, a quick swig of any flavored beverage will take it away. It’s not a “lingerer”.

I love this stuff. Wish I had a 3rd account to buy more through.

Well I got my order and my Wife and I really noticed the extra energy from the No Xplode product on our first use at the Gym. I came back on to buy another tub as a gift for a friend but I was too late. Next time around. I am very happy with this product!