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HealthPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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  • 1 HealthPro HP 786 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Proper Position Indicator

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Deja Vu? Woot must really care about our health.


Can you wear it around, or does it have to be connected to pump? Would be great gifts for parents or in-laws!



no thanks, got one, it works fine


i got the links… useful linkage has all the comparison engine links… decent woot… decent linkage… decent color… beautiful wootcast… interesting nite.


These are great!

If you don’t like the reading, just move it around your wrist. BP too high? Move it up the arm. BP too low? Move it down. You’ll get a different reading each time, virtually guaranteed. Just keep trying until you get that normal reading.

Consistent readings are impossible. My cat can guess better and she can’t count. This thing is beyond worthless.


I have a similar model purchsed from woot, works very well no complaints. BUT nothing is more important than keeping in contact with your checkups.


Alternative to this product:

Stop buying Big Mac’s save even more money than you would spend actually buying this.


BP is critical - get one of these - I did and I found out I was in stage II hypertension over 2 years ago at the ripe young age of 35.

I’m now at normal levels thanks to monitoring and mild meds… do yourself a favor and get this.


It’s self inflating. You COULD wear it around, but do you really need to know your blood pressure 24/7?


Maybe in 20 years when my heart isn’t in the best shape of my life. Horrible


so are we supposed to wear this as we woot? i don’t know about you but when 10 o clock came i was waiting for something cool.

i dun want no blud pressure moniturrrr


Hubby had heart issues last year at 47…you never know!

Not a bad woot…


If I found this in my fiancee’s medicine cabinet, that would be reason enough to call off the wedding. This product just screams Hypochondriac with a capital H.


Thats great … my grandmother always complains about her high blood pressure.


in that case, i will take 3


But what if are refurbed! That means others were using them. GERMS GERMS GERMS GERMS GERMS! Where’s the lysol! AHHHHHHH


… Didn’t we have one of these before? And who the heck is going to

  1. Need one of these
  2. Not have one
  3. Wait around for woot to offer him/her a deal on one?

Seriously… Emoticons cannot express my confuzzled irritation…


Funny timing – my mom just got diagnosed with high blood pressure and arrhythmia, and she was told to monitor her blood pressure regularly…

Of course, I told her about this and she said no, she’s fine going to the drugstore to take her blood pressure. Still, kinda weird.