HealthPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 HealthPro HP 786 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Proper Position Indicator
condition: New

$12.99 + $5 shipping

They allow the use of these in hospitals, Only when the staff hides them while doing their books after rounds.

Much cheaper than was paid last time.

I bought one (yeah, high BP is in my family and I ain’t going that route) and tested it. It’s fairly accurate.

These things are inaccurate as all get out. For curiosity, they’re fine, but for real monitoring, they’re useless.

You’ll get just as much accuracy using darts aimed at a piece of paper with random numbers between 0 and 200.

Are these really accurate? Isn’t the one that you put on your arm better for accuracy?

I paid $19.99 for a similar one that works great.

Mine is accurate, and has been over time. Spot on with my readings in my doctor’s office.

Hey, I just tried your dart method. My BP is 11 over 179. No wonder I haven’t been feeling well lately.

worth a try sells for 24.99 on amazon

Have one, works very well. There is a downtime though, I think you can only use it once every 15 minutes or so, so it wouldn’t be very usefully in a setting were it would be used very often (Diabetes checking table, etc).

I may have bought this if it was on a week ago.

The thing that makes this one desirable (besides the price) is the portability of it all. Not as bulky as the ones that sit on a counter top.

Seems like a decent woot.

Hopefully next will be a Blood Glucose machine.

Sellout.woot: saving the population with cheap medical supplies.

Maybe Woot should not photograph a white object against a white background.

I’m training in the medical field. If this ends up being accurate, it’ll be super useful. In for one!

I am sure they are not as accurate as those in a Hospital, but for someone who has known Blood Pressure problems, where this may not be accurate, it should be good for Trend Monitoring. I am in for one. My Dad can use this.

Is it made in Mexico? cauze on the box, its spanish all over!

Amazon has it for $25, $30 or $50.

I’m thinking of picking one up for my mom…

No matter wat, i got one!