Heated Pet Furniture Thermo Covers

Is this a temporary pet.woot.com? Great idea!

**Item: **Heated Pet Furniture Thermo Covers
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I wish I still had a pet, but at the same time I’m so glad I don’t have the responsibility. Same with kids. No pet, no kids. I’m free!!!

Can this be used for old people, too?

Why would I give the dogs another reason to lay on the couch?

Because doggies are people too.

I’m so excited about Sellout Woof :slight_smile:
Now it’s time to go shopping!

Let’s check out the product page

Time to learn all about k&h

My first thought was… I want one! I’m not old, but I have chronic pain that I use heat therapy daily for. I’m really tempted to get one for me.

Given the low wattage, I wouldn’t count on these to be “warm” by any means. Warmer than without a cover, certainly, but don’t count on them being like “heated blanket” warm.

Heavy Petting?

Am I the only one seeing the innuendo or perhaps blatant use of that term!?

lol…first google result explains it ALL if you don’t get it.

YDKJ uses this all the time too.

Old people, schmold people…pets, schmets…I’m thinking of getting one for ME.

CAUTION: If used to excess you will end up with hot dogs!

Ah! Thanks for the link. That page is just for the covers. The warmers are here: www.khpet.com/pet-bed-warmer.html. So this is a substantial discount over what they normally charge for the combination cover plus heater. Not saying it’s necessarily worth it, but …

“Heavy Petting” is this a reference to last week’s episode of “The League” ? If so… Awesome!

so instead of breaking the bad habit of dogs on the couch, you want us to invite the dogs to a warm cozy spot on the couch? Even though most dogs are covered in fur and prefer a cool floor?

It doesn’t say what size heating pad in included with the covers…