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Of all places to NOT ship heaters to. Alaska! I think you would make a small fortune shipping any of these heaters to Alaska, the 907, The Frozen North!! I know that I would purchase at least 2 for my self!! I am pretty sure that most residents that shop on Woot would jump on this deal!!

I just picked up the Dr Infrared R928 Music on Amazon for $105.


I once saw an advert claiming that the product was “probably the best flashlight/radio you’ll ever buy”. I think the same would apply to this. I have a decent radio/speaker (free thanks to the once vaunted bandolier of carrots), and a $20 fan heater. Why would I combine them? I’m more likely to position the speaker away from the heater.

Does oscillate mode move the vent around, or does the whole cabinet dance around? That’d be cool…

47512**** Where is mine at??? I was advised was shipped 1/16 ETA 1/18 FEDX sez no way sista…woot never gave it to us to ship…all you get is a shipping number…I’ve email you numerously, FEDX no updates…comfy cozy…it’s my money and I want it now…:slight_smile:

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Hey Woot. Similar issue. I ordered on 1/15 and my space heater was to arrive today 1/21. I ordered this for my new apt that has no heat soooo I was kind of relying on it to get delivered on time. Order #4751****. Emailed support as well. FedEx says they haven’t even gotten it. What’s up?

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Standard shipping usually takes 3-5 business days from the sale to ship out. The tracking is sometimes created early but movement doesn’t show until then.

I would recommend that if you don’t see any activity/movement by tomorrow to let us know.

Still no movement. What do I do to return my order?



The orders should have shipped today.

I’ve gone ahead and alerted Woot Staff of this. More than likely they will ship out tomorrow morning.

If you want to return the order you will have to refuse it upon delivery. You can also return it unopened to a FedEx facility (unopened) and they can ship it back to us.

We’re very sorry for this possible delay in delivery. Thank you for your continued patience.

I feel a little better to read that I am not alone in this boat. Ordered on the 16th and was sent tracking link on the 17th, which showed it would be delivered on the 18th. Estimated delivery date was removed on the 18th, no Fedex pick-up shown as of today. Not a good way to start using a service for the first time with a very bad experience. And it is COLD here.

I’m sorry for the cold. These ship directly from the vendor so ship out in 3-5 business days as stated in the sale. Today is the 5th business day so that tracking should be updating soon.

It’s pretty simple. This is the email you sent me:

Good news! Your Woot order #XXXXXX from Wednesday, January 15, 2014 is now on its way.

It says it was its way. It wasn’t. You guys didn’t even have it. You shouldn’t send shipping confirmation emails when the product isn’t shipped. It’s a sure way to piss people off. It’s ironic you guys were acquired by Amazon, because your customer service is the absolute opposite. Whoever organizes your emailing system is doing an awful job.

And just as with liberalmind’s order, mind said it would be delivered on January 21st. Are you guys going to fix your system so it doesn’t give out false delivery dates?

Today is the 10th day since I was told the heater had shipped and got a tracking number. I am HOPEFUL that perhaps today Fedex will actually be receiving the shipment and will update the info. If it doesn’t I will suspect that my purchase was run over by a forklift, died and has not yet been identified.

I haven’t got my heater either. Sent numerous messages and have not received a response. I called FedEx and they said they never got the units. WTF Woot? Where is my damn heater??? it’s going down to 6 degrees tomorrow in NJ and would have LOVED to try out my supplemental heater in my cold office. GET IT TOGETHER WOOT!

These units have NOT shipped and here we are 11 days after shipment notifications were sent. When will we get the truth? Better yet, when the hell will I get my heater?

Please check your PM’s.