Heaters, Fans and Air Purifiers

Any one have experience with Honeywell HHT-149?

Yes, I have it. It seems ok. Loud except on low speeds. Apparently it is not really a Hepa filter. I’m pretty sure the ionizer stopped working after three or four days as the scent it makes went away (I didn’t just get used to it). My electric bill went up about 30 bucks with it in constant use. Thats about it.

Also the oscillation feature stopped working after a few weeks, now it just sits there and clicks over and over. I turned that feature off. It is also very bright as the top of the unit has a bunch of bright blue lights that you cant turn off.

Regarding the Ambia heater, the unit DOES NOT have different levels of heat. The unit has an (on/off) thermostat, but as far as levels of heating goes, your options are “fan” and “surface of the sun.” I bought two of these earlier in the year, and gave up on both of them. Even after lots of use, they fill the room with the lovely smell of melting plastic every time I turn them on.

Don’t buy the Vornado tower fan. Smells like burning oil every time it’s turned on.

Please add condition (new, respiffed, etc.) for the Electrolux. At present, it’s not showing Condition on the item’s page.

Yikes, thanks for the review. I guess I will pass. I was really looking for a deal on something like the old sharper image tower silent air ionizer guess this won’t due. Thanks

It’s NEW. We’ve added it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Really? I don’t have that experience with mine at all. On low, it provides a nice breeze at a low enough noise level to be kind of soothing white noise. And of course it still excels with its remote as a cat-training device whenever they start scratching the screen in the bedroom to go out.

anyone have experience with the pureguardian ultrasonic humidifier? how are they? reliable referbs?

Gah! I was hoping for the Vornado 753. I just missed it during the woot-off. I guess woot is finally out…?

Mine works pretty well. In each heating element there is a fan that should blow while the element is heating. If it doesn’t then it is probably broken. there are no bad smells from mine, and the two elements that can be moved apart is nice.

Use caution with Honeywell Air Purifiers. They are not made by Honeywell anymore. They are made by a company called KAZ.

The majority of Honeywell Purifiers are not HEPA.

Read the fine print! The box will say in large letters HEPA, and in smaller letters it will say “style.” I have also seen HEPA “like” filters. I’d rather not do business with a company that tries to deceive it’s customers.

I have 3 of these Pureguardian refurbs from woot. I have used them the past two winters and they work like champs. Very quiet and they can put out a lot of mist on high, needing a refill each day, or set it to low and it will run for days. Each looked new, except there was some permanent marker where someone had written on one. My only issue was getting growth in the water if the unit sat a few days. I don’t know if that was my units or my water. Use of bacteriostat changed that. A built in humidistat would be nice, and its on higher end models, but I would definitely buy these again.

I’ve purchased one for my office and I didn’t have any odor issues to speak of. I’d recommend it to those looking for a discreet room fan.

There are 4 speed settings. Level 1 and 2 got me through the Texas summer. At those levels, the noise is constant and quiet. A non-issue for me. Level 4 is loud as hell, but really only necessary if you are trying to fly a kite indoors.

I had to use a friend’s Sharp portable AC for about a month this Summer when my old window AC unit couldn’t handle the midwest heat wave. A couple of things: It’s really heavy, and really big. It’s not that portable, in that you still have to have it venting to a window. It worked amazingly well at cooling. Within 10 minutes of turning it on, my 93 degree kitchen had cooled 2 degrees. With that being said, I can’t really recommend it for a humid climate. In St. Louis, with around 78-90 % humidity during that heat wave I ended up having to drain the thing about every 2 hours. It was very inconvenient, as the drain plug is so close to the ground that you can’t fit any decent sized container under it. They expect you to drain it in a bath tub or over a drain hole, which is not easy with its weight. I ended up perching it precariously on top of a cinder block so I could put a 9x13 pan under it and just let it drain itself, and tying it up with rope so it wouldn’t tip over. After all that, I still had to drain the pan every 4 hours or so. The timer feature was nice though. I could set it for 30 min before I woke up or got home form work and it was nice and cool. I wouldn’t buy it, but for free it was almost worth the hassle.

ETA: I know that it says it’s a bucketless design, but in humid climates it fills up the water tank meant for dehumidifying anyways. All the other reviews that I looked at to confirm that I had it set up right pretty much said the same thing.

“Designed to detect and remove harmful gases, as well as common household odors, from inside your home.”

So you are telling me that Electrolux can detect carbon monoxide and the like and EVEN remove them? SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

I bought one new from Costco a few years back, it works perfectly. Not having a filter is key. I can’t comment on a reburb one but seeing the parts involved to make this work I wouldn’t hold back from buying. Considering I paid about double when new. This thing can put out enough humidity to make your windows sweat like crazy in the winter if you so desire.

I desperately need a humidifier in the winter, but I hate cleaning them and I hate the slime just as much. Does the PureGuardian live up to its slimeless claim?